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Remote work has witnessed 159% growth over the last 12 years, with no signs of that slowing down. So what does this mean? Remote work is no longer just the future of work, it’s already here.

Now not every career path or job has the option to work remotely. Nor does everyone like working from home or even think it’s for them.

And that’s okay!

But if you are visiting this site and reading this page, remote work is probably interesting to you or is the direction you’d like your career (or company) to go. And we are here to help you in that journey.

The Remote Work Junkie Mission:

We want to help educate people and organizations about the freedom of working anywhere in the world 🌎

Who We Are

Founder of Remote Work Junkie.

Hey there πŸ‘‹ I’m Todd, nice to meet you! I’m the founder of Remote Work Junkie and am passionate about marketing, personal finance, and remote work. I’ve also been quoted and featured in various publications about those same topics.

Some media outlets include Business Insider, Forbes, HubSpot, Fox Business, CNBC, and most recently, Starter Story.

My journey to working remotely started in late 2010 when I got a side gig for a small HR startup as a marketing consultant. I was also working full-time for a publishing company, but I was stuck in the dreaded cubicle with no clear professional growth or direction.

But that remote side gig opportunity introduced me to the world of startups, remote work, and a rewarding career in marketing.

And since then, I πŸ’™ working from home or having the ability to work from anywhere in the world (as long as I have an internet connection, of course).

Fast forward to 2017, I was offered my first full-time remote role working for an amazing tech company. I also grew and manage a distributed marketing team.

Needless to say, I’m a huge advocate for remote work and the freedom it has given me. Plus, I want to help educate others about working remotely, guide people to amazing jobs and careers, and help employers build strong remote teams.

What You’ll Find On Remote Work Junkie

  • Remote Work Junkie Is For You: Remote work is not going away and more people are discovering how much they love working from home (or wherever they want!). This site is dedicated to sharing insights about the industry, remote work experiences, tips to land your first remote gig, how to find great remote jobs, what tools and gear will help you be successful, how to manage a remote team, and even career advice to amp up your professional growth.
  • Content, Content, Content: Learning how to effectively work remotely or land your first remote job can be challenging. I’ve been there! Our content is designed and written to help you succeed. We are a content-first platform and strive to share the BEST information possible with our goal to have you become a remote work junkie too. We create content for job seekers and employers interested in remote work.
  • Honest Recommendations: Any tools or gear recommendations we recommend come from personal experience and/or trust. And any potential sponsors or companies we work with are those we find would be valuable for you and are legit businesses. We turn down many offers that don’t align with our mission or provide authentic value to you.

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