What are you passionate about job interview question.
By Todd Kunsman • February 07, 2024

What Are You Passionate About? (Answer Examples)

β€œWhat are you passionate about?” Yet another seemingly simple, but general interview question you might be asked. However, your answer

Remote job location restrictions.
By Todd Kunsman • February 02, 2024

Why Do Some Remote Jobs Have Location Requirements?

You may often find yourself discovering the PERFECT remote job.  But then you quickly realize that there are location requirements

Remote work hacks.
By Todd Kunsman • January 30, 2024

9 Simple Remote Work Hacks You Should Know

One thing we often do is look for β€œhacks” or unique tips that make our lives more productive and efficient.

Employee working from home.
By Todd Kunsman • January 24, 2024

Work From Home Checklist For Employers And Employees

Working from home is becoming more of the norm for both employers and employees alike. And according to Forbes, ”As

Work from home setup.
By Todd Kunsman • January 18, 2024

25 Interesting Remote Work and Work From Home Quotes

Since the boom of remote work and working from home, there have been plenty of views shared online and in

Person bored because meeting could have been an email.
By Todd Kunsman • January 16, 2024

7 Signs This Meeting Could Have Been an Email

While meetings (in-person or virtual) can be great for getting projects done and team camaraderie, they also can be a

Person who loves their job.
By Todd Kunsman • January 10, 2024

7 Top Similarities of People Who Love Their Jobs

People who love their jobs… You may wonder if there is some kind of secret to why they thoroughly enjoy

By Todd Kunsman • January 08, 2024

What Do You Like To Do For Fun? (Answer Examples)

β€œWhat do you like to do for fun?”  Beyond asking you professional questions in your job interview, hiring managers and

person not wanting to work anymore.
By Todd Kunsman • January 02, 2024

I Don’t Want to Work Anymore [Tips To Refresh Your Career]

β€œI don’t want to work anymore! Why am I feeling this way? And how can I refresh my work happiness?”

Work from home employee not energized to work.
By Todd Kunsman • December 26, 2023

10 Tips to Increase Your Energy When Working from Home

One thing you might find by working from home is often your energy levels are down. Of course, this also

Candidate got the job after interview.
By Todd Kunsman • December 22, 2023

15 Good Signs You Will Get the Job After an Interview

One challenge when interviewing for a job is whether it went well or not. And without getting a direct offer,

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