Work-Life Balance Books.
By Todd Kunsman • November 29, 2022

15+ Best Work-Life Balance Books Worth Reading

When you work remotely, finding a good work-life balance is incredibly important. As a remote worker, It’s very easy to

Virtual Coffee Break.
By Todd Kunsman • November 27, 2022

Virtual Coffee Break: What Is It, Ideas, How to Plan One

Have you ever taken a virtual coffee break? If you haven’t, now is the perfect time to add one of

Equipment to work from home.
By Todd Kunsman • November 22, 2022

10 Work From Home Jobs That Provide Your Equipment

For many people interested in working from home, a common question typically is if any remote jobs actually provide equipment. 

Person teleworking.
By Todd Kunsman • November 19, 2022

Telework Vs. Telecommuting Vs. Remote Work – Are They Different?

If the idea of working from home or away from the office interests you, then you’ve probably heard terms like

Virtual Retreat.
By Todd Kunsman • November 15, 2022

11 Virtual Retreat Ideas That Help Align Remote Workers

Looking for virtual retreat ideas? Planning an all-remote event can feel daunting, but the right virtual retreat activities will help

Digital nomad statistics.
By Todd Kunsman • November 11, 2022

25 Fascinating Digital Nomad Statistics and Trends

The term digital nomad simply describes a person who travels and makes a living working online in locations around the

Zoom fatigue.
By Todd Kunsman • November 08, 2022

15 Interesting Zoom Fatigue Statistics And What It All Means

If you’ve been working from home or remotely for some time, then you’ve probably experienced Zoom fatigue or virtual meeting

Best laptops for Zoom meetings.
By Todd Kunsman • October 31, 2022

5 Best Laptops for Zoom Meetings and Video Conferencing

Whether you are shopping for a new laptop for remote work or trying to find the best equipment for your

Virtual Meeting Hacks.
By Todd Kunsman • October 27, 2022

15+ Zoom Hacks and Tricks for Better Online Meetings

In 2020, most people became accustomed to virtual meetings, and the company called Zoom. The pandemic had thrust many folks

Personal READMEs example.
By Todd Kunsman • October 25, 2022

How to Align Your Remote Team with Personal READMEs

This post is sponsored by Candor. All opinions are my own. For today’s companies hiring remotely, finding ways for employees

Zoom Virtual Meeting.
By Todd Kunsman • October 18, 2022

7 Ways to Look Good on Zoom Virtual Meetings

It’s important to dress well for any job, remote ones included. Looking good in a virtual meeting can impress clients

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