Remote Job Tips

Remote jobs are more common than ever, which gives you plenty of options to choose from! But if you are looking to work remotely, it can be a culture shock from the in-office days. Don’t worry, we have the tips and insights to help you work more efficiently, help you understand the various types of remote jobs, and how you can find legit virtual jobs.

Stack Overflow Alternatives.
By Todd Kunsman • July 28, 2022

17 Best Stack Overflow Jobs Alternatives to Use Today

For a few years, Stack Overflow Jobs was a popular destination for developers and other technical talents to find new

Highest-paying remote jobs.
By Todd Kunsman • June 28, 2022

10 High-Paying Remote Jobs With $100k+ Salaries

Ready to jump into the remote working world? Welcome! It’s plenty of fun, it’s rewarding to your career, and offers

Back to the office.
By Todd Kunsman • June 12, 2022

Back to the Office: What to Do If You Want to Stay Remote

As more people started working remotely due to the pandemic, it awakened many as to how beneficial working from home

Switzerland 4-day workweek.
By Todd Kunsman • June 09, 2022

22 Countries With 4-Day Workweeks (Active & Pilots)

While remote work and hybrid work have dominated the workplace lately, another flexible work option has emerged: 4-day workweeks.  This

Remote companies with 4-day work weeks.
By Todd Kunsman • May 03, 2022

25 Remote Companies Offering 4-Day Workweeks

Typically, companies who have been quick to adopt the remote work model or have begun exploring it more, are a

Best remote job board websites.
By Todd Kunsman • April 07, 2022

21 Best Remote Work Job Board Sites to Find And Post Jobs

Today, remote job boards are some of the best online websites for job seekers and employers alike.  These platforms are

Find remote jobs on Twitter.
By Todd Kunsman • March 30, 2022

How to Use Twitter To Find Legit Remote Jobs

One platform you might be overlooking in your job hunt is Twitter. You might be a little surprised, but Twitter

LinkedIn Remote Job Search.
By Todd Kunsman • March 17, 2022

How Do You Find Remote Jobs on LinkedIn?

The good news about finding legit remote jobs is you have plenty of options at your disposal. In previous years,

Hybrid work examples.
By Todd Kunsman • March 14, 2022

15 Well-Known Companies Offering Hybrid Work This Year

For most organizations, going fully remote just isn’t an option or it’s a policy they would prefer to ease into

Working fully remote.
By Todd Kunsman • March 07, 2022

What is a Fully Remote Company? (And 15 Best Examples)

Fully remote companies have been thriving for years, but previous to the pandemic that started in 2020,Β  not many organizations

Remote Job Offer.
By Todd Kunsman • March 06, 2022

7 Questions to Ask Before Accepting A Remote Job Offer

I remember when I was first looking for remote jobs back in 2014 and it was quite tough to get

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