9 Benefits of Coworking Spaces For Better Remote Work

Benefits of Coworking Spaces.
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Coworking spaces can be an awesome option for remote workers and a good alternative to just working from home every day.

And you might be surprised, but you’ll probably discover numerous coworking spaces near you, and you might not have even realized it. According to data from Zippia, there are approximately 930,000+ people in the U.S. who use coworking spaces alone! 

With the demand that continues to grow and between popular coworking spaces like WeWork – to more local companies offering spaces in your city – there should be a decent amount of options for you. 

If you are interested in remote coworking and wondering about the benefits of coworking spaces, then read on to see if it might be for you.

What is Remote Coworking?

Remote coworking is the process where people do not work in a traditional office but join shared spaces to work alongside others. If you are a remote worker or someone who travels while working (digital nomad), a coworking space can be a solid place to get work done and network. 

Why might a coworking space interest you as a remote worker?

For example, maybe you work from home full-time but are looking to join a coworking space where you can go a few days a week. Or maybe you travel to different locations while working, but need to stop for WiFi and good amenities to get some work done.

Benefits of Coworking for Remote Workers

Although you might LOVE working from home like me, maybe you want to change up where you do your work. Here are some common benefits of coworking to consider.

1. Mix up your work scenery

Unless you are a digital nomad traveling while working, you probably are working from home five days a week (or less, if you have a 4-day workweek). And sometimes, you might just get tired of the same old surroundings. 

A great way to mix up your work vibe and creativity is to join a coworking space. Maybe you go there a few days a week or when you feel it’s time to shake up where you are working remotely. 

No matter your reasoning, it can be good to get out of your home office and have some variety in your workweek.

2. Networking with other remote workers

One thing that can be a struggle for some remote workers is a lack of social interaction. Sure you have Slack and Zoom to connect with colleagues, but it’s not the same human element as being in person. 

A way to get out and meet some new people while working remotely is via coworking space. You start to recognize people, build connections, and increase your network of like-minded people. It can help spark new ideas and improve some social aspects you crave. 

Plus, many of these coworking offices will host social events, happy hours, or other fun activities to help you connect and meet new people. 

3. Coworking space can be more inspiring

Sometimes, working from home can lack the inspiration you need. Naturally, I always recommend designing a creative space for your home office. But even then, you might still feel stuck at times. 

Well, a coworking office can be exactly the motivational spark you need! Think about it. You’ll be surrounded by freelancers, young start-ups, entrepreneurs, and other remote workers. 

And besides that, many coworking spaces create cool and creative offices, common rooms, or meeting rooms to help. You may find unique designs, cultural items, outside work areas, stylish furniture, and more. 

Maybe it doesn’t seem inspiring at first just reading that, but I think it’s true. I’ve worked at a few WeWorks before, and each building (even the different floors!) had this creative energy that I could feel. 

4. Better enables you to be a digital nomad

Not all remote work is the same. You might be someone who works from the same town you live in each day –  or a digital nomad  – someone who travels while working remotely. 

If you’ve always wanted to travel more and your place of work isn’t worried about your location, then being a digital nomad can be a wonderful experience. However, there are challenges at times like finding good WiFi or places that are quiet for you to get some work done. 

That’s another great benefit of coworking spaces.

Many offer options to work from one if you are a member or you can even get passes for the day or week, pending on how long you are in a given area. Most offer flexibility, so you’ll be able to ensure you can get some work done.

5. Help reduce feeling lonely when working

Back in a 2019 study, Buffer found that loneliness was a common struggle among remote workers.

Now it wasn’t the top challenge but still hovered around 20% responding as one of their biggest struggles being a remote employee. 

Honestly, there are days when sometimes I do miss the in-person moments of getting to know co-workers and having that social interaction. I think that is a normal feeling for most human beings, we are a social species! 

But if you are feeling that loneliness more often as a remote worker, then joining a coworker space is beneficial. 

Even if you don’t know anyone personally yet who works there, just being surrounded by people can help alleviate your feelings. You start to feed off the energy and soon enough, you start to network and get to know people there. 

6. Can provide more structure and routine

Sometimes a challenge for remote workers is staying motivated and finding structure in their day. If that sounds like you as well, a coworking space could be an option.

Although having the freedom to work wherever and however is awesome, it can also be overwhelming and even intimidating. This can especially be true if you are a digital nomad and working in different time zones. 

Sometimes just sticking to a schedule and developing a routine is much more challenging as a remote worker. And even though you aren’t going to the traditional office, you might need that feeling that you had in that type of work environment. 

Enter the coworking space! Having a destination to go to every workday and with others working, you start to find your groove and routine. 

7. Eliminate home distractions

Going to a coworking space can help you stay more focused on your work. This can be inspired by everyone around you working or building their own company. 

At home, there can be tons of distractions that crush your productivity. Maybe you start slacking off and watching Youtube videos too much or you turn on your television to binge Netflix. 

And if you go to more public places, you have a whole bunch of new distractions like noise, kids running around, etc. With a coworking space, you can take breaks for those social interactions. But you also will have very quiet areas to focus on and get work done.

8. Access to numerous amenities

A great benefit of joining a coworking space is the office amenities most will provide. Now, you’ll want to ask or research first into what the place you may be thinking of joining has to offer. 

But many places offer some amazing perks by being a member. Think of access to snacks, drinks, games, WiFi, conference rooms, networking events, external monitors, etc. 

But I will caution you.

Typically with better amenities, the more expensive your membership will be. However, it’s up to you to decide what best fits your budget and how it will improve your quality of work-life. 

And if you do some basic math, it actually might save you money by joining a coworking space with awesome amenities.

9. Some coworking spaces are open 24/7

If you don’t have set hours or need to work on a project, it’s nice to be able to access your coworking space whenever!

Before choosing a space to work from, you’ll want to know what kind of hours or access to the coworking space you can have. 

This can affect the quality of your work, especially if you are a night owl and prefer to work late hours. Or if you are traveling and working in different time zones, you may have various hours you’d like to work around. 

I know most WeWorks that I’ve been at have standard work hours during the week. But you can ask if you choose that company or look at the other options you have.

Coworking Space Companies

Coworking office space.

As I mentioned earlier, coworking has become super popular and still growing in demand. No longer are those spaces only for freelancers or small start-ups, but for anyone working remotely. 

So what coworking companies exist that you might want to check out? 

The most recognized name is WeWork, which not long ago was clouded with some controversy about the business and some of its leaders. 

However, WeWork spaces are still very common and popular options for remote work. You can find locations in pretty much every major city. Sometimes multiple WeWorks exist in the same area pending on the population of the city too. 

In fact, WeWork has about 800 locations around the world. But, they also aren’t the only option to consider. 

WeWork alternatives for coworking

There are other popular companies that offer coworking spaces. Here are some additional WeWork alternatives to consider: 

  • Regus
  • IWG
  • LiquidSpace
  • CBRE Group
  • Workbar

You will also find other local companies creating and developing coworking spaces too. But you can check out these coworking websites to find new options.

What to look for when choosing a coworking space

Before you potentially choose a coworking spot, the best thing you can do is understand your budget, if your company will pay for it or reimburse you, what the space looks like, as well as amenities you can expect. 

However, we are things to look for when choosing your space.

  • Location – You’ll want to see how close it is to your home (unless you are a digital nomad) and how the surrounding area looks. Is it in a decent area? Do they have parking or is it easy to park nearby? Are there shops or restaurants nearby?
  • Amenities – Most coworking spaces will offer some cool amenities, beyond decent WiFi (which you should also test while visiting!). Do they have various office/meeting spaces? Do they have adequate bathrooms? Snacks and drinks? Events? 
  • Rates to join – And naturally, you want to understand how much it will cost for you to join the specific coworking space. Does it work for your budget or company stipend if they offer you one? Also, ask about the contract length or cancellation. 

Is A Coworking Space Worth It?

A coworking space for remote work can be worth it if you want more structure, are interested in networking, and want to mix up the space where you work. There are many options for you to choose from that are affordable and provide quality amenities. 

It’s also not for everyone, but go explore some coworking options and give it a shot. You might find yourself more productive and energized by mixing up where you work remotely from. 

And don’t worry if coworking is not really for you. There are plenty of other spots you can work remotely from that mix up your work week so you aren’t always working from home.

Happy Remote Working! 

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