15 Coworking Spaces for Startups and Small Teams

Coworking space for startup.
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Coworking spaces for tech are seemingly everywhere, but finding one that matches your needs might take research. Some spaces are designed for individual workers or digital nomads; some are tailored to startups or full teams.

And, although coworking spaces for startups are a big part of the industry, these spaces aren’t always exclusively for newer organizations getting off the ground.

Small and remote teams looking to collaborate at times can also find value in coworking spaces, but it’s important to find the right space for you. Let’s dive into some of the best options today!

Coworking Spaces for Tech and Startups

These 15 coworking spaces for startups and small teams can help you or your business reach your goals. Below you’ll find more information and quick links to see which company may suit your needs.

1. Avila Spaces

Avila Spaces coworking.

If you’re looking for coworking space in Portugal, Avila Spaces might be a great option. With locations in Lisbon, Avila Spaces bills itself as one of the country’s top coworking spaces.

But if you’re looking to work abroad, Avila Spaces can help you there too: The organization is part of the eOffice international network, so members can use their benefits in dozens of partner spaces around the globe. 

2. Galvanize

Galvanize coworking.

Galvanize is designed with tech entrepreneurs in mind. By bringing together multiple companies in a single space, Galvanize hopes to foster a new kind of tech ecosystem in its locations. You can find Galvanize coworking spaces in Colorado, Arizona, and California. 

3. WeWork

WeWork coworking.

There’s maybe a no bigger (or more famous) player in the coworking game than WeWork.

Thanks to its size and ubiquity, WeWork offers benefits that few other coworking spaces can match, like access to hundreds of workspaces around the globe. WeWork also aims to run unique, beautiful spaces that reflect the communities they’re in.

4. Spaces

Spaces coworking.

Spaces is another organization that has locations around the world. Unlike other coworking options, where even hot desks require paying for potential daily use, Spaces allows members to pay for use for just a few days each month if they choose.  A great option for remote workers who may want to mix their work scene up and have a company stipend to use.

5. SomaCentral

SOMAcentral coworking.

This San Francisco coworking organization offers multiple membership options at upfront, simple-to-understand price points.

With alumni like Instagram, Mashable, and Twilio, it’s easy to see why SomaCentral bills itself as the perfect place for “dedicated teams to create innovative technology.” 

6. Industrious 

Industrious coworking.

Another big name in the world of coworking, Industrious advertises its flexibility to handle multiple kinds of teams and employees.

Whether you’re a nomadic worker or part of a team that needs flexible space for hybrid work, Industrious has options for you. And, with coworking spaces all over the world, you can travel where you need to get work done. 

7. Techspace

Techspace coworking.

Techspace is designed for workers in technology, but it has a few features that distinguish it from other tech-centered coworking spaces.

First, it’s a European coworking organization, and members can work from offices in either London or Berlin. Techspace also devotes resources to leadership training, offering programming for leaders learning to navigate a remote- and hybrid-first world. 

8. ExtraSlice 

ExtraSlice coworking.

Think of ExtraSlice as a way to cut out the middleman in your hunt for office space. Located in the Pacific Northwest, ExtraSlice was created as a means to bring real estate and technology together more easily.

With its focus on commercial real estate, ExtraSlice can help organizations as large as 600 people find the office space that works for them.  

9. Plexal

Plexal coworking.

Another London-based coworking organization, Plexal caters to people and companies focused on innovation across industries like fintech, cybersecurity, and virtual reality.

It hosts community events and offers amenities like discounted gym access, free tea and coffee, and even a podcast recording kit for hire. 

10. Workhaus

Workhaus coworking.

Looking for flexible coworking space in Canada? With three locations across the country, Workhaus may be the right organization for you.

Members can purchase hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices, and Workhaus also offers options for teams looking to regroup for meetings and events. 

11. 1871

1871 coworking.

Here’s a coworking organization with a name you won’t forget: 1871 is named after the year of the Great Chicago Fire, when “innovators came together to rebuild and reimagine what’s possible,” the organization says.

With options for early-stage, growth-stage, and corporate innovators, this Chicago-based organization also offers unique programs like a Cannabis Innovation Lab. 

12. Venture X

Venture X coworking.

Venture X calls itself “the future of workspace,” and with locations around the world, that may be true.

Its spaces are owned by local entrepreneurs, and it is designed primarily for more established businesses seeking high-quality work areas that allow them to put their best foot forward. 

13. Serendipity Labs

Serendipity Labs coworking.

Serendipity Labs has office space all over the United States (and more in the United Kingdom), and it promises options in suburban areas, small cities, and major urban areas.

Like other coworking organizations, it offers membership options at multiple price points, and it also boasts plenty of options for companies and owners looking to rent space out (including its own workplace-management platform). 

14. Newlab

NewLab coworking.

Newlab is different from other organizations on this list. If you’re looking to join a community of people shaping the future, you can apply to join Newlab, but it’s not just for any startup.

Member companies, according to Newlab, are “applying transformative technologies, including robotics, A.I., and material science, to transform what matters most—health, environment, media, cities, and infrastructure.”

15. The Yard

The Yard coworking.

You’ll find The Yard’s locations around the northeastern United States.

The Yard is proud to offer coworking areas that prioritize, well, work—instead of giving members access to stereotypical tech world perks, And the company focuses on professional-looking office space and also offers a wellness program. 


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