Employer FAQ

Are you representing your employer and looking to reach more remote talent? Wondering how you can get more visibility and applicants on your remote jobs? Maybe you want to learn more about building a remote team?

Below are some common questions you might have about Remote Work Junkie and how to get the most value out of the community.

What is Remote Work Junkie?

Remote Work Junkie is your hub for all things remote work. 

We share insights about the basics of remote work, tips for getting hired, strategies for managing and building remote teams, applying for and listing remote jobs, and so much more. Our site and community are quickly growing to become one of the best destinations for remote work. 

New content is posted every week, post and manage remote jobs through our Free or Featured listing packages, and a weekly newsletter about all the best happenings in remote work.  

Posting Remote Jobs On RWJ

How much does it cost?

You can post remote jobs for free or upgrade to a featured listing to get maximum visibility and further promotion for your listing. You can see the difference between the plans here

How do I post my remote job(s)?

  • Click on “Post A Job.”
  • Select if you are a new employer or if you posted jobs here before.
  • Select which plan you want. We recommend Featured to get maximum exposure, but it’s not required. 
  • Fill in all the details of your job listing, and make it compelling!  
  • Preview it and make sure everything looks good (you can always edit later if needed). 
  • Purchase the listing. You’ll only be charged for the Featured plan.  
Posting a remote job to Remote Work Junkie.

How are payments for remote job listings processed?

Our payments are secured and processed by Stripe. We are also proud to partner with Stripe to donate 1% of each featured job post to help remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.

How long does my remote job listing stay live?

Free job listings are live for 15 days and Featured listings are live for 45 days (or until marked filled, which will then be automatically removed).

What custom application options do you have? 

You can choose applications directly through a form, an external link to the listing (tracking automatically added), or an email contact.

Can I edit my job posting?

Yes! Log back into your employer account and you can manage the jobs from your dashboard, including updating/editing as needed. 

Can I create an employer account without posting a job yet?

Yes! You can create your free employer account for now and come back later to list any remote jobs. Sign up for free here

How do I promote my role as 100% Remote?

Select “Remote Only” in your job listing.

How do I add location and time zone restrictions to my remote job listing?

  • Choose “Remote Okay” and add Country, City, State.
  • Choose “Remote Only” and under the “Additional Requirements” option, you can add regions, time zones, etc. Also, we recommend adding any restrictions to the top of the job description to make it very clear. 
Remote job location requirements in Remote Work Junkie.

Do you have any tips for creating a successful job listing?

Yes, we do! Here are guides to help you:

Ready to Post A Remote Job? Get Started Here.

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