10 High-Paying Remote Jobs With $100k+ Salaries

Highest-paying remote jobs.
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Ready to jump into the remote working world? Welcome! It’s plenty of fun, it’s rewarding to your career, and offers a better work/life balance. 

Plus you’d be joining over 4.7 million people that work remotely at least half the time in the United States and the 16% of companies globally that are fully remote, according to remote work statistics

But you also might be wondering what high-paying remote jobs are available that offer $100k+ salaries. Don’t worry there are plenty of options if you are looking to make more money and find a remote job that pays well! 

Below are 10 examples of the best-paying remote jobs today. And most do not require previous remote working experience either (although it can help!). 

10 High-Paying Remote Jobs

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the high-paying remote jobs that offer $100,000+ salaries on average.

While you may find various numbers during your remote job search, remember there are numerous variables to consider. This includes location, years of experience, education, and the pay policies of a company hiring remotely

Additionally, while you do not need remote work experience to land these jobs many do require extensive field experience. 

To get the below ranges, we looked at websites like Payscale.com, Salary.com, and others. This will be updated over time to reflect any changes in either salaries or job fields. Additional pay will depend on experience and the company. 

High-Paying Remote JobsExpected Salary Range
Remote Data Scientist$120k-$150k
Remote Software Engineer$100k-$150k
Remote Marketing Director$130k-$200k
Remote UI/UX Designer Lead$100k-$135k
Remote Director of Product$130k-$200k
Remote Software Architect $118k-$175k
Remote Talent Acquisition Manager$90k-$155k
Remote Data & Cyber Security Manager$110k-$170k
Remote Finance Director $125k-$250k
Remote Machine Learning Engineer$100k -$150k

1. Remote Data Scientist

Average salary range: $120k-$150k 

In the latest few years, the role of a Data Scientist has grown in demand. Data Scientists are professionals that use stats, analytics, and programming skills to analyze large amounts of data. And from that data, companies can make better decisions and gain insights to improving products. 


A remote data scientist will require related degrees in computer science, data, engineering, or data science. Additional requirements are skills in math, programming, data visualization, and data mining. 

Jobs in this field – remote or in-office – typically pay well. Additionally, the higher your education (Like a Master’s) and experience, the better your salary. 

2. Remote Software Engineer

Average salary range: $100k-$150k 

There’s no surprise here that software engineers are some of the highest-paid today. There is a range of different directions this job can take you and plenty of money to be made. 

Software engineers are very essential to tech companies and building unique products, which is why companies offer strong starting pay. 


The requirements of a remote software engineer can be vast, but these skills will ensure a healthy career. You’ll need either a degree in computer science, coding bootcamp certifications, or experience building and coding products. 

Additionally strong understanding of various programming languages, or even have specialty focuses in areas like Cloud, iOS/Android, or other databases. 

3. Remote Marketing Director

Average salary range: $130k-$200k

A remote marketing director is a position I’ve been in for a bit now and it’s a highly rewarding career field. I absolutely love it! But as a marketing director, you’ll have various degrees of focus and responsibility that has a large range. This would include branding, social media, content, email, SEO/SEM, paid advertising, data reporting, managing and growing a team, etc. 


While some jobs might say a marketing degree, most digital marketing today is not taught in traditional colleges. However, related degrees can be useful or specialty degrees in marketing. However, you can also fall into this job by learning on your own and building things that you market. 

But you’ll need creativity, analytics, and strong communication skills. As well as knowledge of platforms like Google Analytics, social media platforms, automation and CRM tools like HubSpot, Marketo, etc. 

4. Remote UI/UX Designer Lead

Average salary range: $100k-$135k

Design is essential with websites, products, and various applications. This is exactly why UI/UX designers have gained momentum in the remote job economy today. 

These designers have strong backgrounds in software design, understanding and testing designs based on user insights, and building wireframes on essential web applications. 


For many first UI/UX designers, they fell into it over time with experience creating designs. Now, you can go to school-specific to get degrees in this particular field of design. Typically, you’ll also need experience in website design, product design, and even a good grasp of user research. 

5. Remote Director of Product

Average salary range: $130k-$200k

The director of product (sometimes director of product management) has numerous responsibilities are building and updating products and software. This person typically works with engineers, designers, other product managers, and marketers as well. It’s a fairly robust and important role, which is why strong salaries are associated with this title. 


A director of product will usually have a bachelor’s in a similar field like computer science, engineering, or business. You will find that some companies hiring remotely for this role may look for candidates with an MBA (but not required everywhere). 

Usually, you’ll need to work your way up from product manager roles to gain experience and training before moving up. Additionally, you’ll need to be strong in communication, problem-solving, research, and development, as well as leadership. 

6. Remote Software Architect

Average salary range: $118k-$175k

As a software architect, you would be leading a group of developers on various applications and programs. Essentially, you’ll be more of a project manager role but still need extensive knowledge of code. You’ll be working with software engineers to steer projects to the finish line, analyze and debug code, and improve product functionality. 


Like with most jobs in software, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or engineering is commonly required. As mentioned, you’ll need to be very technical and proficient in multiple programming languages and have knowledge of software. But one differentiator is the need to be well-versed in project management, to ensure teams are working efficiently and meeting deadlines. 

7. Remote Talent Acquisition Manager

Average salary range: $90k-$155k

Talent acquisition managers are key to helping companies grow and hire the best talent for a given job. There are different aspects involved in this job from hiring strategies, interviewing and sourcing candidates, helping other recruiters find great candidates, and helping with the onboarding of new hires. 


Typically, you’ll need a degree in human resources or a related field. However, some get started in an entry-level position and quickly move up as they develop their skills and experience. You’ll need to have great communication and speaking skills, strong organization, and strong attention to detail to pick up on who great hires will be. 

8. Remote Data & Cyber Security Manager

Average salary range: $110k-$170k

Being in a digital world has changed lives, but it also creates additional ways for hackers and scammers to steal information. It’s why cyber security has become so critical for organizations today. And why you can expect a six-figure salary in this job field. 

In this role, you’ll be monitoring data and information that is handled via a company’s network. This includes setting up operations and managing the infrastructures in place. 


Getting into Cyber Security will require a bachelor’s in cyber security, IT, or additional related fields. However, a focus on this via your schooling or certifications is important and generally a must. The reason for this is there are different focus areas of cyber security that you can specialize in. 

The range of knowledge you’ll need for success includes information security, information systems, information assurance, network security, security operations, vulnerability assessment, project management, Linux, etc.

9. Remote Finance Director

Average salary range: $125k-$150k

The finance director role can take on a few various titles like director of financial planning, director of finances, etc. 

But as someone in this role, you’ll be in charge of company finance activities, training staff, managing budget, how funds will be used, financial processes, tax items, analyzing and managing risk. Pending the company you work at, you may be more specialized in key areas of the financials.


You’ll be handling plenty of sensitive information that is imperative to how the business runs. Most organizations hiring remotely will look for a bachelor’s in accounting or finance, strong skills in math, extensive use of various accounting platforms, analytic and communication skills, and previous work in finances.

10. Remote Machine Learning Engineer

Average salary range: $100k-$150k

You might have noticed a recurring theme with some of these remote jobs on this list: tech and programming are in high demand. Being a remote machine learning engineer is about using artificial intelligence (AI) to build various programs and algorithms. You’ll have deep knowledge that can impact the future of the internet and product innovation. 


Understanding and extensive knowledge of programming languages will be a must. Typically those languages include Python and C++. Similar to other related fields, you may need a degree in computer science, certifications, or experience building products using machine learning to land a high-paying job in this field. 

These are only scratching the surface of high-paying remote jobs. There are other fields and variations that can get you well on your way to making six figures (or more). 

How To Get A High-Paying Remote Job

Find high-paying remote jobs.

Remote jobs are more common than ever. While some companies are trying to enforce “back to the office,” many have become fully remote or hybrid (in-office + remote). 

And since there are plenty of remote opportunities today, you might not be sure how to best start your search. Here are a few tips to get you land that high-paying remote job. 

1. Level up your skills

Between the job field you are in and your tech skills, make sure to keep learning and growing. Understand what remote working takes, the kind of tools you can utilize, and how to better communicate needed to be effective not in an office setting.

The more experience you have all around and the initiatives you take, the better you’ll stand out in interviews. Plus, you continually become more qualified for remote jobs that have higher salaries. 

2. Refine your remote job search

Fortunately today, you have a lot of options to find quality remote jobs with good salaries. However, not all remote job listings will include the salary range. Hopefully, that will change as there are some laws requiring employers to include this.

But for now, you want to stick with quality places to find legit remote jobs. The unfortunate part is there is plenty of work from home scams out there looking to take advantage of you. 

Here are some tips for you to be successful in your search:

  • Utilize remote job boards. For example, on Remote Work Junkie you can create a free job seeker account or sign-up for remote job alerts in your particular field. 
  • Find remote jobs on LinkedIn. One of the largest professional social networks has plenty of remote and hybrid jobs. You can also refine your search to the requirements you are looking for in a job or even show you’re open to work.  
  • Join remote work Slack communities or other communities in your particular field. Often, you’ll find quality jobs and can make personal connections with others. 
  • If you can’t find something fully-remote in your field, look for hybrid options if you are open to some days in the office. 

3. Target job fields that hire remotely

As you know, not every job field can be remote. But there are many fields that are available to you and that’s where you should focus your search. 

Tech and software companies are the most common organizations that offer remote work. And almost any job field within a software business can be done remotely. 

Of course, if your experience is in a field with limited work from home options, you might have to pivot your career to something else. 

That’s totally possible but will take some hard work. And only do that if you crave a new direction and 100% want to work remotely. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above information helps you understand more about some of the top high-paying remote jobs out there.

And remember, this is only a handful of job fields and levels out there. These aren’t the only high-paying remote jobs, which is great news for you! But naturally, those jobs with more seniority, experience, and/or education will have higher salaries. 

The goal of this data above is to show you remote jobs still pay very well. Often people who have not worked from home might wonder if remote jobs pay less or if they have to take a salary cut. 

Certainly not!

But beware, there are some companies that try to leverage paying you less because you do not commute to work. That is a company you do not want to work remotely for, period! 

As you can see, you can make a great living working remotely. Recent data has even shown that fully remote employees can earn more than those who don’t work from home at all! 

Ready to find your next high-paying remote job? Head over to our remote job board and find your next great opportunity. 

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