9 Best Overnight Remote Jobs for Late Night Fans

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Although the majority of remote jobs follow standard working hours during the day, you might be someone who loves working overnight. 

If this is you, then you’d be labeled as a “night owl,” or someone who enjoys an alternative schedule when most people are sleeping. 

Now, third-shift remote jobs are not as common or easy to find, but different industries will offer these opportunities. Plus, some remote companies won’t care what time you work, as long as you deliver results. 

Let’s cover some of the best remote jobs you can do overnight. 

Types of Overnight Remote Jobs

An overnight remote job will typically fall in the standard hours of the third shift: 11 p.m. and ends around 7 a.m. But that could vary pending on the company or the hours you are able to set for yourself. 

If you want to work from home overnight, then you will likely fall into one of these two categories: 

  • Being an Employee
  • Self-Employment

While there are pros and cons to both, being self-employed (like owning a business or freelancing), will make it easier for you to work at night. However, there are a lot more uncertainties and things to manage when you work for yourself. 

So for most people, working remotely for another company is a more ideal choice. And there is nothing wrong with this direction. However, finding remote overnight jobs can be a bit challenging and you may need to negotiate your hours. 

9 Best Overnight Remote Jobs

Below is a list of the remote jobs that have the best opportunity to offer overnight work schedules. All of these types will be done during normal business hours. However, these remote jobs also have a greater chance of an overnight option and for you to negotiate when you work.

1. Remote Virtual Assistant 

One of the best options for an overnight remote job is becoming a virtual assistant. In this role, you may work for an executive of a company or an entrepreneur who needs help with administrative tasks. 

While some remote virtual assistant jobs may require standard operating hours, you’ll find a mix of options. For example, some listings only care that the work gets done or you can work with someone in a timezone that is nighttime for you. 

And you can find a mix of full-time, part-time, or freelance work as a virtual assistant. So you have more options to consider when it comes to how you want to work. 

2. Remote Data Administrator 

Finding a remote gig in data entry or data admin is also a great option for those night owls. There are various job titles that revolve around managing data and some can pay pretty well, pending your skill level and experience.  

In this role you’ll focus on inputting data, researching, analyzing, and organizing information for organizations. You may find yourself doing various reports and adhering to any policies required to handle sensitive data. 

When interviewing for any remote data jobs, ensure to ask about any specific hours or time zones if not clearly called out in the listing. 

If it is a full-time role, there may be certain hours you’d need to adhere to. But you’ll find overnight remote data opportunities more common than some other roles on this list. 

3. Remote Customer Service

If you have experience or an interest in supporting and helping others then a remote customer service job might be perfect for you. 

And because customers can be based in various time zones, some companies will need someone to handle the third shift. 

Since convenience and 24/7 support are becoming standard, many remote companies will need someone to manage phones, chat, and email to help answer inquiries. 

Now some smaller businesses just rely on their help centers or automation to handle late-night issues, but others may need actual people. 

4. Remote Programmer or Developer

Being a programmer or software developer can also be a perfect overnight remote job. 

Mostly because you’ll be focused on specific tasks or projects that require coding focus. And typically, you won’t need to work with someone else until that project is ready. 

Since more companies are looking for remote programmers and developers, you’ll find that your timezone and when you work are less of an issue. 

Many companies hiring global remote employees will be perfect for you to find an overnight remote programming or developer job

5. Remote Writer or Journalist

If you are a talented writer, then being a remote journalist or copywriter could be a great option to work overnight. 

Most journalists tend to work some random and odd hours to get the latest stories and research out. And many times with varying publishing deadlines or breaking news, there will not be standard 9 am to 5 pm working hours. 

Now if you were looking more at a remote copywriting job, that might not be as common of a late-night opportunity. But you certainly could explore that as well, if you don’t exactly want to go the journalism route.

6. Remote Tech Support

Similar to the customer support role, a remote tech support can also be a potential job you work overnight. 

This role is more about solving technical issues related to products, technology, and hardware. And because issues or bugs can arise at any time of the day, companies will need a tech support person on the third shift as well. 

When searching for a remote tech support job, look at the listings carefully on shifts or time zones to find one where you’ll be working at night. If nothing is listed, if you get the initial interview make sure to ask about your desire to work overnight. 

7. Remote English Teacher

Being a remote English Teacher or tutor can also be a great overnight job. Since you’ll be teaching students based in various countries, your nightly hours may align perfectly. So ensure you choose to work with countries where it’s daytime for the students and nighttime for you. 

Not only will you be teaching the English language, but building lesson plans, helping with writing in English, and guiding students be proficient in their speaking skills. 

You may join a company full-time to teach English, start your own freelance business, or sign up for a platform like VIPKid to see how you like teaching. Looking for other teaching opportunities? Check out other remote teaching jobs

8. Remote Social Media Manager

Similar to how the news never sleeps for journalists, social media is always moving 24 hours per day. And with the growing need for a strong social media presence, being a remote social media manager has become more in demand than ever. 

Depending on the site of an organization, there could be multiple social media hires. Some are more data-focused, others may be content-focused, platform specialists (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram), and there may be some focus on maintaining customer questions and interactions.

Social media can be a beast of a job. And is one that may provide some overnight shift opportunities. Of course, you can also go the freelance route with social media and maintain your preferred working hours.

9. Remote Travel Agent

Becoming a remote travel agent is all about helping people set up vacations or business travel. 

And this includes help with lodging, setting up transportation, travel requirements, and any other insights into the places someone may visit. 

The good news with being a travel agent is that agencies will also need people working overnight. This could be to ensure to help those having various traveling issues during late hours or to help those in other time zones. 

And since everything can be done via the phone and the internet, you also have great chances of being a remote employee. Or you could also go on your own as a travel agent business and choose the hours you prefer to work. 

Working remotely at night.

Finding Remote Overnight Jobs

If you are looking for an overnight remote job, then you’ll need to start researching and getting focused on some key channels.  

It might be a bit tricky to find overnight online jobs, as not every industry offers this shift. And many remote companies may still have specific timezone overlap requirements. 

But that doesn’t mean you won’t find opportunities. Here are the best places to start searching for overnight remote jobs. 

  • LinkedIn – This social network has thousands of jobs, which you can filter down further to remote or hybrid. However, you won’t find a filter for overnight remote jobs specifically. But you can include that in your search or carefully read job description requirements. Make sure you consider having the “open to work” setting on too, let recruiters come to you! 
  • Remote Job Boards – The best place to find quality remote jobs is to use popular remote job boards. You’ll be able to find only companies hiring remotely, with various filters and tags to discover the gig you want. Check out the Remote Junkie Job Board for more. 
  • SolidGigs – If you do want to stay the freelance route to have more control of when you work, then signing up for SolidGigs can be an option. You’ll get leads of various freelance opportunities sent to your inbox. 
  • Company Career Pages – If you have specific remote companies you want to work for, then hit their company career page. You’ll see all the available remote jobs and can always ask if they allow overnight working. 

Happy overnight remote working!

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