8 Benefits of Remote Job Boards For Employers & Job Seekers

Remote Job Board Benefits.
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I remember just a few short years ago when there were not many online remote job boards available. I had a list of maybe three that I trusted for finding a work from home gig. 

But since my initial searches in 2014 and beyond, there are now hundreds of remote job boards! 

You can find job board websites that have multiple job categories, ones that are more industry-focused, and even ones that are just country-specific. 

This is great news for both employers and job seekers. 

Yet, there are still some hesitant about using remote job boards or wondering if they are still effective today. So I decided to put together some benefits of utilizing remote job boards and some tips on finding quality ones. 

Let’s dive right in! 

Benefits of Remote Job Boards for Employers

Hiring can be tough. This is especially true when your company is not a well-known brand. And even if it is, there is still a lot of noise online to compete with. 

But that is where remote job boards become powerful recruiting tools for companies hiring remotely. Here are the main benefits of remote job boards for employers.

Accessible communities of remote talent 

One of the first benefits of remote jobs for employers is the accessibility to remote talent. 

Most remote job board platforms cater to their remote job seeker community. Meaning they offer plenty of content, resources, and tools to help people find jobs. 

For example, on the Remote Work Junkie remote job board, we encourage remote job seekers to create their free accounts or sign up for job alerts. Additionally, we have tons of useful content for those in the remote workspace. 

This allows employers and their jobs to be seen by those most interested in remote opportunities. And there is a diverse pool of talent from all over the world, which greatly improves your options.

Increase job applicants and quality of applicants

Another benefit for employers is an increase in job applicants as well as quality. The remote work community is very passionate and driven, which improves the odds of finding the best candidate.

The challenge with some of the larger general job sites is there is so much noise and clutter, that your remote position can easily get buried.

Additionally, I’ve hired remotely numerous times and the quality from LinkedIn or larger job sites is not quite as strong as remote job boards.

Often people not qualified or even close to being a fit will apply, just because it is remote. There is a lot of time wasted going through and finding a handful of good candidates.

In most of the applicants from a remote job board, it was flipped. There would only be a select few that were not as qualified. 

Of course, this also depends on the remote job boards you are listing on, but they are highly effective. Even if Remote Work Junkie did not have one, I’d still be recommending it from the employer’s standpoint. 

Improve your job reach and company SEO

Although you might not be a marketer, listing jobs on remote job boards can improve your search engine optimization and brand awareness. Not only for your remote jobs but your company as a whole. 

Most remote job boards are also linked with the Google Jobs Network, which helps your remote jobs be seen by even more job seekers. 

You’ve probably seen this before on Google when you ever searched for a remote job, it looks something like this:

Google Jobs Network Example.

But your remote job post listing will be distributed to Google, where people can click, got to the job board listing, and apply. Instantly more applicants!

The other bonus is your company’s reach and domain authority improve too. Many of the remote job boards have strong trust in the eyes of Google, which also benefits your organization.

Saves money on recruiting costs

Hiring and recruiting can be expensive and the more time it takes to hire, the more your costs go up and efficiency lost. 

According to data from SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management):

“The average cost per hire was nearly $4,700. But many employers estimate the total cost to hire a new employee can be three to four times the position’s salary, That means if you’re hiring for a job that pays $60,000, you may spend $180,000 or more to fill that role.” 

Recruiting software, advertising, and the time spent going through candidates all add up. If you have certain recruiting budgets and looking to increase results for less, remote job boards could be useful.

Most remote job boards cost anywhere from $50 -$500+ to post a remote job. While some do get expensive, you have to think about the potential reach and amount of applicants you’ll receive. 

For example, at Remote Work Junkie’s job board, you can post for free or upgrade to a featured listing. There are differences between the two and the amount of visibility you get, but listing remote jobs does not need to break the bank. 

Benefits of Remote Job Boards for Job Seekers

While employers benefit from remote job boards, so do the job seekers. It’s why there are hundreds of job boards out there! 

Not all are remote work specific, but you take a look at Job Board Search to see all the latest ones. So what are some benefits to remote job seekers?

Easy to find legit remote jobs

The main benefit for job seekers is how easy it is to find remote jobs. The job boards where the niche is remote ensure you only discover remote and work from home jobs. 

Often if you use larger job websites or social media, it can take longer to find legit remote work. You definitely can find some good opportunities, but you’ll spend a lot more time researching and confirming the job is actually remote. 

Unfortunately, there is plenty of work from home scams, jobs listed as remote that are not, and even low-quality remote opportunities.

This is where remote job boards become more valuable to the job seeker instead, as these listings are typically strongly vetted. 

Completely free to use and apply

All the trustworthy remote job boards are completely free to the job seeker. 

Amazing right? As someone looking for a job, you already have plenty on your plate to think about. And remote job boards are free for the person to visit, use, and apply for jobs. 

Now you may find some things that cost money, like a course or maybe a book, but overall utilizing the community will come at no cost to you. And if there is a fee to join, it’s usually going to be very minimal. 

At Remote Work Junkie, you can browse all remote jobs, apply, and read our content at no charge to you. Plus, you can even create a free job seeker account to help you in your remote job search.

Improve your remote work knowledge

For some, working remotely is a completely new experience. And others got to work from home a bit during the pandemic in 2020. 

Yet, not everyone adjusted to being at home or knew exactly how to best get work done in this completely different style of work. 

But more people are interested in the idea or want to continue being remote. One of the best ways to stand out in your job or when applying for remote jobs is your knowledge of this work environment. 

For example, often with jobs that are remote, you may be asked “Why do you want to work remotely?” and you better have a solid answer!

But that’s where remote job board sites can become handy, as many have tons of resources and content to help job seekers. 

Not all job boards are content focused but look towards the ones that create content to help you with job interviews, basics of remote work, being on a remote team, etc. 

You’ll quickly boost your credibility and stand out during remote job interviews. 

More interviews from your application

One of the most frustrating aspects, when you are on the job hunt, is when you apply and you hear nothing back for weeks, or not at all.  

It’s totally understandable you may not get an instant response when there are hundreds of people applying. However, not hearing back or getting an initial interview is demoralizing. 

One thing I’ve noticed being a previous remote job board user and now running one, more people hear back from the recruiters! I think there are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Companies hiring remotely have better application/recruiting processes. It means they are putting people first with better policies, so that translates over to the job application process as well. 
  • Job seekers using remote job boards have strong applications and improve their chances from the resources they use and the experiences they’ve gained.
  • There is more urgency from the employers posting on remote job boards. They are tapping into the remote work communities to find talent faster. 

Some of this is theory and observations from past experience. But applying to jobs on remote job boards will give you an additional advantage in getting hired. 

Tips for Finding Quality Remote Job Boards

As I mentioned, there are many remote job board sites available today. I did put a list of the best remote job boards that I think are worth your time. But below are some quick tips to help you evaluate which ones are right for you to utilize.  

  • Observe the types of companies and remote jobs listed.
  • Confirm that there is a vetting process for all remote job listings.
  • Look to see how easy the remote job board is to navigate and use.
  • As an employer, are the listings fair price? What do you get from upgrading?
  • What kind of community, tools, and content is available to help?

Ready to find your next remote job? Looking to post more remote jobs and attract top talent? Come check out the Remote Work Junkie Job Board. 

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