Remote Job Listing Template: Write Better Job Postings

Hiring top remote talent can be challenging and candidates expect more from the job listings they discover in their searches.

And when you list a remote job, you not only want to attract a ton of great applicants but the most optimal ones that are the right fit for your team.

In order to better attract the RIGHT people for your remote jobs, you need to have an ideal job description template. This is why we created this content, to help you create better job listings to attract amazing remote workers!

The Remote Work Junkie team has personally hired numerous remote employees for other organizations and created job listings. The most important thing we learned: more transparency is key.

Below is our remote job description template to help you create the most effective job listings. And if you are looking to post a remote job, make sure you check out our remote job board.

Remote Job Listing Template

Use the job listing template below to piece together your awesome remote jobs. If you want to make a copy of this, you can clone this Google Document for your own use.

[Company Name] – [Functional Team]

[Remote Job Title]

[Location Requirement] 

[Remote Work Type] Full-Time, Part-time, Contract

  • Fully Remote
  • Hybrid (Remote + In Office)

[Company Description]

  • A short description of your company to introduce applicants. 

[Who You Are]

  • Explain why you’re awesome, and your company’s mission. Try to keep this to the point and easy to read. 3 paragraphs or less is ideal. 
Video (Optional):

If you select a job post listing package with a video option, you can embed a Youtube, Wistia, or Vimeo video. This is a great opportunity for you to quickly introduce potential team members or others from the company. It doesn’t have to be super polished or long but a video gives an applicant a more personalized experience for who they may interact with. This can greatly improve the talent pool and list of applicants. Plus you have extra content to share on social media, email, etc.  

Here’s an example video from EveryoneSocial of their Head of People recording a short video about an open role. Highly recommend utilizing video when you can, like in Remote Work Junkie’s job board 😊 

[What The Candidate Will Own]

  • High level of what the candidate will own and work on. Share what the job entails and the expectations.  

[Role Requirements]

  • What are the required needs of the company that the candidate must have? What are some nice to have skills, but are more optional? List them out. 

This is where you want to be honest about the expectations and if there are any travel or meet-up requirements as well. 

[Benefits & Perks]

  • Include anything about insurance, vacation (PTO), retirement, family perks/policies, stock options, stipends for remote office, etc.  

[Things Your Company Values]

  • Get the applicant excited about the values your company cares about. 

[Diversity & Inclusion]

  • Did your company work on Diversity & Inclusion over the past year? If yes, share it!

[Interested? How to apply]

  • Details and contact information for the applicants. 

Optional Sections

[Salary Range & Employment Status]**

Sharing salary ranges encourages the right candidates to apply. It’s also the way to clear up if there are any sign-on bonuses, how salary is calculated, etc. Example: $90k-$125k based on experience. 

**It’s highly recommended to include salary ranges in all remote job listings. That way candidates know what to expect and won’t waste any time if it’s not what they are looking for in their next job. Transparency is more important than ever today. 

[Who You’ll Work With]

Show off the leadership team or the candidates’ potential co-workers and/or managers. This puts some names out there for the candidates to do some research. 

[Our Remote Philosophy]

If you are a remote-first company and have your own philosophy, it’s nice to include how your company views remote work. Clarify any restrictions, collaboration and time zone overlap, how your company likes to work, etc. 

[Tools & Apps Your Company Uses]

Remote work involves various tools, technologies, and strategies – sharing some that your company loves to utilize will help the candidate make a connection. 

[Interview Process]

Generally, you can go over the interview process during initial screenings. But it’s not a bad idea to include some of these details in your remote job post listing. Details like how long the process typically will go? When might a candidate hear back? Any next steps will help get more people excited about the role. 

[How we help you grow]

How will the candidate grow at your company? Is management the only way up? Can Individual contributors strive?


Are you offering referral bonuses for someone who gets hired? Include this, especially as passive candidates who are job hunting, may have a network of top talent for this role. Include the $$ that someone could receive for the referral if they are hired. 

How Can I List A Remote Job?

The first place is to check out the Remote Work Junkie job board. You’ll have different package options and ways to get your remote jobs out to more people. 

Other ways to effectively promote your open job roles include your company career page, social media (via your company networks and employee networks), or even advertising your listings.

Getting your job listings out to the world and diversifying platforms is key! 

Wanna post a job on Remote Work Junkie? Here’s how

  • Head over to our job board to see our pricing packages and begin the listing process.
  • Fill out the details about the job and use our template format above to be as detailed as you’d like! 
  • Pending what package you select, make sure you send any copy, images, or videos over to ensure our team promotes it where appropriate. 
  • We’ll show you a preview of your job and we’ll double-check it all looks awesome! 

Our payments are secured and processed safely by Stripe. And you can always update your job even after it is posted. 

Keep In Mind: Tips On Creating A Successful Job Posting

  • Use searchable job titles and descriptions
  • Be personable and human in your introduction
  • Accurately describe the candidates you’re looking for
  • Use inclusive language, avoid buzzwords or cliches (Ninja, guru, rockstar, etc.)
  • Tell your company story, mission, and values
  • Describe your remote situation
  • Clearly state the responsibilities of the role
  • Provide a list of requirements
  • List of benefits and perks
  • Format the job listing to be easy on the eyes
  • Have teammates proofread the listings

Reasons why your job posting isn’t getting traction

On rare occasions, companies have reached out to us wondering why their job listing is receiving a lower than expected amount of applications. Below are common reasons why:

  • There is a lack of details in the remote job listing
  • Formatting, copy, grammar, tone of the listing is a mess
  • Your job listing reads like a giant legal document
  • The listing dances around culture, mission, values, etc.

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