Remote Tools & Gear

Here are some of the products, services, tools, and gear we use and recommend. We’ll update this list as we use and discover more great tools and gear that we think other remote workers and companies should consider adopting.

Total Success β€“ Human resources and talent acquisition services to help your company hire, manage, onboard, and/or provide health and payroll management services for remote teams and beyond. Learn more and connect with the Total Success team.


SafetyWing for Employers – Are you looking for better health insurance for all your global employees? Get fully-equipped and affordable health insurance for your remote teams through SafetyWing. Learn more and sign-up for health insurance.


SafetyWing for Individuals – Are you an independent remote worker or a digital nomad? Get fully-equipped and affordable remote health insurance through SafetyWing. Learn more and sign-up for health insurance.


Remote – International payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for businesses, big and small that are hiring remotely. Learn more and chat with the Remote team.


Oyster – With Oyster’s global employment platform, it’s easy to hire, pay, and care for remote Team Members anywhere in the world. Learn more and chat with the Oyster team.

Remote Education

Whether you are new to remote work or have years of experience working remotely, there is nothing wrong with leveling up your knowledge! Check out some recommended books and online learning platforms to boost your skills: 


Online Learning

Remote Work Gear 

Looking for essential remote work gear and tech? Here are a few recommended options (laptops, display screens, keyboards, etc.) for you to check out:


External Display Screens




Laptop Stands

Home Office Chairs

Remote Tools

There are plenty of tech tools and applications to help remote work be more efficient and productive. Here are a few tools worth checking out or using: 

Note: Some of the recommendations above may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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