Top 50+ Remote Work Experts and Leaders to Follow

Below is a curated list of the top experts and leaders that contribute to and innovate the remote work space.

You’ll find people who have created communities, resources, software platforms, or continually share expert insights that better remote and hybrid work today.

Top 50 Remote Experts
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  • sara-sutten
    Sara Sutton

    Sara is the Founder and CEO of FlexJobs, the top job search site for hand-screened flexible and work from home jobs since 2007. She is also the founder of, a website dedicated to all things remote work.

  • Matt Mullenweg
    Matt Mullenweg

    Matt is a pioneer in being a remote-first company. Currently, he is the CEO of Automattic which employees 2k+ employees in 96 countries, speaking 119 different languages. He is also known as the Co-founder of WordPress.

  • Jack-Mardack
    Jack Mardack

    Jack became a trusted voice in the future of HR and remote work in recent years. He is also the Co-founder of Oyster, the software platform that allows you to hire and manage global remote employees.

  • darren-murph
    Darren Murph

    Darren is viewed as one of the leaders and innovators of the Head of Remote job role. He currently is VP, Workplace Design and Remote Experience at Andela and has perspectives and detailed playbooks about building successful remote teams.

  • Tara Vasdani
    Tara Vasdani

    Tara was voted as a 2022 LinkedIn Top Voice and was 5x nominated as the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada. Besides being a Civil Litigator and writer, she is the founder of Remote Law Canada and is an active law and tech advocate.

  • Rodolphe-Dutel
    Rodolphe Dutel

    Rodolphe is the founder of Remotive, one of the most popular remote job boards in the world for tech jobs. He founded the company in 2014 after working at Buffer, a well-known remote-first social media software company.

  • chase warrington
    Chase Warrington

    Chase is the Head of Remote at Doist, a well-known tech company that is fully remote. He is also the host of About Abroad Podcast, voted as a Top 10 Voice for Remote Work, and is part of the Forbes Business Council.

  • Job-V
    Job van der Voort

    Job is the Co-founder and CEO of Remote, the platform that makes it easy for companies to hire, pay, and manage global remote teams. He previously was the VP of Product at another remote company, GitLab.

  • chris-herd
    Chris Herd

    Chris has become one of the more recognizable champions of remote work, amassing a decent following on social media. He is also the Founder and CEO of Firstbase, the platform to help companies set up, manage, and retrieve all the physical equipment remote workers need.

  • Nurasyl
    Nurasyl Serik

    Nurasyl is the Co-founder and CEO of Remofirst, a global payroll & compliance platform for your remote team. He discusses and shares insights around all things employer of record, remote work, global hiring, and more.

  • amir
    Amir Salihefendic

    Amir is the Founder and CEO of Doist, a remote software company that builds productivity applications for distributed teams. He frequently shares thoughts around remote and async work, while pioneering product applications for better remote work.

  • Tsedal Neeley
    Tsedal Neeley

    Tsedal is a professor at Harvard Business School, voted in 2022 as a Top LinkedIn Voice In Remote Work, and is the author of Remote Work Revolution & The Digital Mindset. While she leads conversations on various topics, remote work is one of her passionate topics.

  • hanna-larsson
    Hanna Larsson

    Hanna currently helps startups scale revenue and helps them build their remote teams. She has a fast-growing newsletter called, The Future of Work and has amassed quite a social following. She was previously the Director of Sales EMEA at Remote.

  • Joel Gascoigne
    Joel Gascoigne

    Joel is the Co-founder and CEO of Buffer, a well-known social media platform used by tons of businesses around the world. He's also a leader in business transparency and hiring remote global employees. Buffer has been fully remote since its inception in 2010.

  • wade-foster
    Wade Foster

    Wade is the Co-founder and CEO of Zapier, a software product that allows users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows. The company has also been fully remote since launching and is looked at as a leader in remote work.

  • Bonnie-Dilber
    Bonnie Dilber

    Bonnie is the recruiting manager at one the largest remote-first companies, Zapier. She is also a LinkedIn Top voice, sharing and speaking about recruiting, tech jobs, remote work, and more. She is also an advisor to a few tech companies that help people with their careers.

  • Pieter Levels
    Pieter Levels

    Pieter is a serial solo entrepreneur and is well-known in the remote work space. He created one of the most popular job boards called RemoteOk years before remote work was cool and NomadList, a community for remote workers who travel around the world.

  • kaleem
    Kaleem Clarkson

    Kaleem is the Co-founder and COO of Blend Me Inc, which helps startups and small businesses improve the remote employee experience. He was also one of LinkedIn Top Voices in 2022 and is a frequent speaker on remote work, diversity and inclusion, and more.

  • David Heinemeier Hansson
    David Heinemeier Hansson

    David is the Co-founder and CTO of 37signals, but you'd probably best recognize their company products, Basecamp and HEY. He is also the creator of Ruby on Rails and is a New York Times best-selling author.

  • Jason Fried
    Jason Fried

    Jason is the Co-founder and CEO of 37signals, but you'd probably best recognize their company products, Basecamp and HEY. Basecamp has been around for years and the company has led the way in being fully remote.

  • Sid
    Sid Sijbrandij

    Sid is the Co-founder & CEO of GitLab, one of the leading organizations that embraced remote work early on. The company is constantly listed as a top place to work.

  • nadia-harris
    Nadia Harris

    Nadia is the Founder of, a founding member of the Remote-First Institute, a mentor, and an advisor. Her goal is to eliminate unconscious bias around remote work, hybrid work, its implementation, and efficient performance.

  • Liza Mash Levin
    Liza Mash Levin

    Liza Mash Levin is the co-founder and CEO of Gable, which powers in-person collaboration at hybrid and remote companies. She is also a leading voice in flexible working with an impressive product management background.

  • Hoyin Cheung
    Hoyin Cheung

    Hoyin is the Founder and CEO of Remo, an interactive virtual event platform used for remote work, virtual or hybrid events. You can find him on social media talking about all things remote work, virtual events, and more.

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