Remote Work Services

Looking for specialty services for remote work? You’ll find health insurance options, HR management services, resume help, and more. Check out some of these awesome services to consider utilizing.

🧑 Health Insurance for Remote Workers


SafetyWing for Individuals: Are you an independent remote worker or a digital nomad? Get fully-equipped and affordable remote health insurance through SafetyWing. Learn more and sign-up for health insurance.


SafetyWing for Employers: Are you looking for better health insurance for all your global employees? Get fully-equipped and affordable health insurance for your remote teams through SafetyWing. Learn more and sign-up for health insurance.

πŸ™Œ HR Services

Total Success.

Total Success: Human resources and talent acquisition services to help your company hire, manage, onboard, and/or provide health and payroll management services for remote teams and beyond. Learn more and connect with the Total Success team.

✍️ Remote Work Resume

TopResume: TopResume is the largest resume-writing service in the world, and helps you write and analyze your resume and LinkedIn profile. Learn more about this service to land your ideal remote job.

😎 Other Remote Work Services


FlexJobs: Looking for more vetted remote jobs or freelance opportunities? Need some resume and career coaching? Then you’ll want to join the FlexJobs community! This is a paid membership website that helps deliver thousands of legit virtual gigs. Learn more and join FlexJobs here.

Remote-First Institute: This community is a not-for-profit organization on a mission to create a space with expertise and knowledge about the remote-first work approach provided by the world’s leading future of work experts. Learn more and join for free.

Remote-How: Remote-how is a professional services marketplace offering virtual training and micro-consulting for remote and hybrid companies. Learn more and get a free advisory call.

Remote Year

Remote Year: A membership community for remote workers and digital nomads to connect with people and co-working spaces around the world. The essential travel pass to work from anywhere in the world. Learn more about membership and sign-up here.

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