17 Best Stack Overflow Jobs Alternatives to Use Today

Stack Overflow Alternatives.
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For a few years, Stack Overflow Jobs was a popular destination for developers and other technical talents to find new jobs. And many of those open roles were remote as well, giving people options to find work that met their needs.  

It’s why it quickly became a hotspot for those looking for work. 

But in March 2022 it was announced Stack Overflow Jobs was shutting down. And not only was it shut down but most of the features and past content was removed.

This removal included all job listings, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, job ads, developer stories, saved resumes, and their salary calculator. 

And the community was pretty sad about the decision:

Stack Overflow shutting down comments.

Fortunately, there are plenty of Stack Overflow Jobs alternatives that you can use to find new developer or technical jobs, especially remote. 

17 Stack Overflow Jobs Alternatives

While I could list more Stack Overflow Jobs alternatives, it was important to narrow it down to the best options. 

Below you’ll find two categories: specialized and general.

The difference here is that “specialized” is very focused on developers, engineers, tech, or startups. And the job sites with “general” mean you’ll not only find technical roles but all categories of jobs.

Let’s dive in!

Job BoardCategoryOptions for Employers
TuringSpecializedPaid Only
Remote3SpecializedPaid Only
HackajobSpecializedPaid Only
Remote Frontend JobsSpecializedPaid/Aggregator
Web3 JobsSpecializedPaid Only
ArcSpecializedPaid Only
Y Combinator JobsSpecializedFree/Aggregator 
RemoteOkGeneralPaid Only
RemotiveGeneralPaid Only
We Work RemotelyGeneralPaid Only
Remote.coGeneralPaid Only
Remote Work JunkieGeneralFree/Paid
RemoteJobsClubGeneralPaid Only
JustRemoteGeneralPaid Only
HimalayasGeneralPaid Only
Dynamite JobsGeneralPaid Only
DailyRemoteGeneralPaid Only

Specialized Stack Overflow Jobs Alternatives

Use these job sites for specialized gigs like developers, engineers, web3, and start-ups. Each will only focus on one area and may help you find a job specific to your technical talent. 

1. Turing


2. Remote3 


3. Hackajob 

4. Remote Frontend Jobs 

Remote Frontend Jobs.

5. Web3 Jobs 

Web3 Jobs.

6. Arc 

Arc dev jobs.

7. Y Combinator Jobs

Y Combinator jobs.

General Stack Overflow Jobs Alternatives 

Use these job sites for all categories of jobs, but many also include various developer, engineering, and even web3 gigs. These are more popular and generalized communities, but each can also help you find those great technical roles you desire. 

8. RemoteOk


9. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely.

10. Remotive


11. Remote.co

Remote.co remote job listings.

12. Remote Work Junkie

Remote Work Junkie Job Board.

13. RemoteJobsClub


14. JustRemote


15. Himalayas


16. Dynamite Jobs 

Dynamite Jobs.

17. DailyRemote


Looking for Your Next Tech Role?

If you are in the market for a new technical role, you have options! First, use the Stack Overflow Jobs alternatives from above and scout each site out. You will probably find some overlap in jobs, but each site is unique and offers features you may or may not like.

But it’s a great time to check these job boards out and bookmark your favorites. Most offer remote jobs, but you can also find hybrid or in-person roles if that is more of your preference too. 

Look for job board websites that allow you to get tailored alerts, have trusted brands posting jobs, offer free job seeker accounts to create profiles and upload a resume, and should be easy to navigate. 

While many of the Stack Overflow Jobs alternatives have multiple job categories, there are specialized websites that focus on particular categories like developers. It’s up to you what you’d prefer, but the good news is that you have plenty of options! 

Hiring for Your Next Tech Role?

Stack Overflow was also a great place for organizations to tap into the unique talent pool of the technical community. There were people of various degrees of skills and different types of developers, which made it ideal for companies hiring.

It’s still a great community, but the job aspect will be missed.

But as you saw above, your company has plenty of options to get technical jobs in front of the right people. And the more you share these jobs to multiple sites, the increase of reach and talent pool your organization will have. 

Final Thoughts

Although it may be frustrating to no longer have Stack Overflow Jobs, there are many other websites and communities ready to be helpful to job seekers and employers alike. 

While the above are some of the best Stack Overflow Job alternatives, remember there are more out there than what I have listed. 

However, this list is a great place to start and you should have no trouble establishing your new favorite community for technical and remote jobs. 

Want to check out Remote Work Junkie’s Job Board?

I love seeing developer, Web3, and other technical roles on the remote job board. And welcome anyone to create a free job seeker account and become part of our community. Cheers! 

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