10 Companies That Provide Work From Home Equipment

Equipment to work from home.
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For many people interested in working from home, a common question typically is if any of those remote jobs actually provide equipment?

The good news is that the majority of remote-first companies hiring will provide the essential technology you need. However, not all do.

But even if they don’t, the company will typically offer reimbursement or have a work from home stipend that allows you to choose your equipment and home office needs. 

Below I put together a list of companies that offer work from home jobs where equipment is provided.

What Equipment Do You Need to Work From Home? 

The equipment you need to work from home can vary based on your job. For example, a graphic designer may need a particular software or computer to handle the work and storage of files. 

However, there are common items that all remote workers should have for success. Below are a few of those items, but I’ve dug deeper into what companies should provide remote employees if you are looking for more.

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Mouse/Keyboard
  • External Display Monitor
  • Computer Desk
  • Ergonomic Desk Chair
  • High-Speed Internet Reimbursement
  • Essential Software (i.e. Zoom, Google Docs, email)

Examples of Companies That Provide Work From Home Equipment

The below collection of a few companies that will send you the equipment you need to work from home or offer a stipend.

This stipend is money the company provides for you to buy the equipment you’d like to utilize up to a specific amount they allocate. And sometimes, a company might do both. Let’s dive in! 

1. Remote

Remote is a software product that makes it easy for companies to employ globally. Remote handles everything for your teams like payroll, benefits, and compliance solutions.

The company exclusively hires remotely, so you’ll find various work from home jobs in every department. Some do have location-specific stipulations, like the United States, EMEA, APAC, etc.  You can find remote jobs at Remote here.

Some of the work from home equipment Remote provides remote workers includes a laptop, a display screen, peripherals, and some additional budgets up to $500 for you to purchase a desk and/or chair. Learn more here

Remote's handbook of equipment they provide.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a streamlined social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media.

The company exclusively hires remotely and even offers 4-day workweeks, plus they generally are open to global applicants. You can find remote jobs at Buffer here if any are available. 

Some of the equipment Buffer provides remote workers is a laptop, $500 to set up your home office, and even some extra cash towards a co-working space. 

3. Zapier 

Zapier is one of the most well-known remote software companies in the world. The company is a workflow automation tool that enables better productivity among applications. 

The company hires remotely worldwide, currently spread across 17 time different zones. You can find Zapier’s remote jobs here, which include all departments.  

Some of the work from home equipment Zapier provides includes computer equipment, a work from home stipend, and even a professional development allowance. 

Zapier work from home equipment and stipend.

4. Amazon

You might be surprised, but Amazon does offer some work from home jobs. You will find virtual Amazon jobs in customer service, software, sales, IT, and operations typically. 

You can find both full-time and part-time remote jobs on Amazon here.

Some of the equipment Amazon provides remote workers is an Amazon-owned laptop, headsets, sometimes an ethernet cable if you need to be hardwired for internet, and some positions appear to receive a small stipend to use. 

5. Hotjar

Hotjar equips product and marketing teams with insights into how users behave on websites and what users engage with the most. Features include heatmaps, recordings of live website actions, feedback, surveys, and more. 

Since its founding in 2014, the company has been completely distributed around the world. This means any open job Hotjar has is completely remote. So any department you are interested in currently, will be a remote job opportunity. 

You can find remote jobs at Hojar here

Hotjar offers personal budgets to employees that are used for setting up your home office, wellness, and for going on vacation. This allows you to choose the computer of your choice and items needed to work remotely successfully. 

Hotjar work from home equipment.

6. Automattic

You might not have heard of Automattic before, but you probably know many of its products like WordPress, Tumblr, Jetpack, Akismet, and WooCommerce. 

And what’s also cool about this company, they are one of the leaders in hiring a completely remote team. Since they have many different platforms and tools, Automattic hires a mix of remote jobs in engineering, design, sales, customer experience, and operations. 

You can take a look at their career page to find out more about their remote jobs. 

Automattic provides equipment for your home office setup and coworking allowances. Even if you plan on working from a coffee shop often, you can use your coworking allowance for that. Plus, additional perks like professional development and career coaching. 

7. 10up

10up is a digital agency specializing in creating websites and tools for different organizations around the world. Some of their customers include Microsoft, Adobe, and ESPN. 

What’s cool is that 10up is a globally distributed, remote team across six continents and over twenty-nine countries! Also considered a leader in being a fully-remote organization. 

Some of the work from home jobs available include design, engineering, recruiting, content, and business development.  You can take a look at their career page here

As far as what equipment 10up provides for employees that work from home, it’s a bit vague on their careers page.

10Up benefits.

However, they definitely do help as they offer a personal budget for all employees. That’s a good sign in that it allows you to purchase what you need for your home office, like laptops, external monitors, etc. 

8. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of the leaders in remote and flexible work, both in helping job seekers find flexible freelance and remote jobs and in helping employers recruit and hire candidates.

Since 2007, the company has been completely remote. So every department has the ability to work remotely. Currently, they don’t hire internally as often but you can check out their careers page here

FlexJobs doesn’t offer remote equipment directly, but they do provide stipends. This allowance can be used towards the technology you need, home office furniture, and even housekeeping, snack subscriptions, and co-working spaces.

9. GitLab

GitLab is an open-core company that operates its DevOps software package which combines the ability to develop, secure, and operate software in a single application. 

The tech company has almost been remote-first since day one and has successfully grown to over 1800 employees around the world. 

Like some others on this list, they have remote jobs in every category like engineering, marketing, product and user experience, and administrative. See more on the GitLabs career page

In my research, GitLab will let you buy whatever you need to make your home office ideal. This includes a laptop, standing desk, coworking space, and more. I did not find a budget cap and the company is known to treat employees very well. 


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10. World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings is a travel company that specializes in selling and setting up vacations for millions of people and is one of the largest distributors of cruises.

Many of the positions the company hires remotely for include travel agents, customer service reps, marketing, software engineers, and IT. 

Remote employees receive hardware like a computer or laptop, keyboard, mouse, headset, phone, and external webcam (if needed).

World Travel Holdings work from home equipment.

The company also put together some essentials for employees, along with other work from home insights. 

What If A Remote Job Doesn’t Provide Equipment? 

If a company doesn’t provide work from home equipment, you’ll want to know if they offer a reimbursement plan or a stipend where you pick the items you need. 

If the latter is the case, do some research on laptops and what items you might need for your home office that is within the stipend or reimbursement amount. 

Now if the equipment is not offered or no reimbursement/stipend, then there’s a potential that the company offering work from home is not legit.  Seriously, watch out for the work from home scams that are out there. 

Of course, it could just be that they have a very tight budget and it’s a small company. However, any company that is real and hiring remotely, should provide some of the essential work from home equipment. 

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