25 Best Working From Home Memes That Are Relatable

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While working from home and remote work aren’t new, for a lot of people in 2020 it was a big work culture shock. 

Certainly, there has been a continued rise in demand for remote work, but the pandemic forced most organizations to change the way employees work. And fast, which naturally created some tech confusion and plenty of awkward video conferencing moments. 

And although it was a serious and unprecedented time, the world made remote work happen and has become so normalized in our daily lives. 

Fast forward to today and over the last few years, remote workers have found some humor in what it means to be working outside the traditional office. 

And while I’m a remote work fan, I couldn’t resist sharing some humor about what it’s like to work from home. Below I put together some of the more relatable (and funny) working from home memes. Hopefully, some of these will make you chuckle a bit too. 

Types of Work From Home Memes

If you are on this post, then you know how explosive meme culture has become over the years. I mean there is even a card game for memes (which is actually, a lot of fun to play with friends or family). 

Almost any subject is fair game with memes, and remote work is no different. And there are actually a few different categories within WFH memes, all of which will be relatable in different ways. 

  • Work from home distractions memes – Yup, working from home has its own collection of distractions that cause you to lose concentration. Like Netflix, video games, books, your pets, a significant other, browsing the internet for memes, your kids, etc. 
  • Video meeting memes – Although Zoom became the leading video conference tool, there are other platforms to do video meetings and interviews too. But there are countless funny situations and stories you’ve heard about these video chats and meetings. 
  • Losing track of time memes – Who remembers what day of the week it is? Maybe what hours it is? Or you forgot to eat because you got stuck on your computer all day. Yeah, losing track of time when working remotely is all too real. 

The above are just a sample of some remote work memes as there are plenty more categories. 

Best Relatable Working From Home Memes

Ready to smile or have a laugh? Here are some of my favorite work from home memes. And just know this is only a fraction of them that exist.

And if you created your own meme about remote work, I’d love to see it! Make sure to tag us on Twitter (@RemoteWRKJunkie) so we can check it out and reshare. 

1. What others think you do working remotely.

What people think you do when working from home meme.

2. Do you actually dress in work clothes when you are a remote worker?

Do you wear work clothes meme.

3. When you rarely leave the house since you work from home.

Do you ever leave the house meme.

4. When you are in meetings without video turned on.

Working in bed meme.

5. Some days time just moves slow when working from home.

Time is moving slowly when working remotely meme.

6. At least make it look like you are busy when working remotely.

Pretend you are working while remotely meme.

7. Working and your pajamas for the win.

Working from home in your pjs meme.

8. Seems like the fully-remote companies were on to something about remote work.

When companies magically make remote work happen meme.

9. What’s that important project you are working on?

Important work project while working remotely meme.

10. When the video meeting includes multiple people.

Trying to look at everyone on a video call meme.

11. The difference between being on video and not.

Difference between being on video meme.

12. Yeah I pretty much wear the same clothes every workday. What about it!?

Wearing the same clothes meme.

13. The kids know when you are on important calls or video meetings.

When your kids jump on on your video meeting meme.

14. No matter how many Zoom meetings you’ve been on, you still share the wrong screen.

Still sharing the wrong screen meme.

15. Don’t pretend you are in a remote office, you are still working in bed.

Staying in bed to work from home meme.

16. When the realities of remote work settle in.

The reality of remote work settling in meme.

17. How a few days remote can change your appearance.

Change of appearance with remote work meme.

18. Realizing how unproductive you’ve been recently working from home.

Disappointed in your remote work productivity meme.

19. When your kids interupt your Zoom meeting.

Kids interrupting your meeting at home meme.

20. When co-workers don’t blur or had a video background image.

Not judging co-workers homes meme.

21. Fridays aren’t as cool when you work remotely.

Fridays aren't as exciting with remote work.

22. Reality of remote work looks a bit different than expected.

The reality of working from home meme.

23. But I’ve been working for hours, how is this possible!?

Time is moving slow meme.

24. When you lose track of time when working virtually.

Forgetting what day it is meme.

25. Forgetting to get dressed, but an important video meeting pops up.

Video conference meme.

Final Thoughts

There you have a collection of some funny (and even relatable) memes about remote work and working from home. Although it can be challenging and you may have some tough days, remote work can be an amazing experience. I hope these memes made you laugh or smile.

Happy remote working!

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