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Interested in partnering with Remote Work Junkie? You are in the right place! Learn how you can get your brand, product, or services seen by thousands of people every month.

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  • Job seekers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and career-oriented people. Ages 22-44+ from all over the world, but primarily located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Readers work for the Fortune 500, startups, or running their own business.
  • Past sponsors: Deel, Remofirst, Total Success, Candor, and more. 

Sponsorship Options

We offer three variations of sponsorship options to maximize awareness and results.

  • Monthly Campaign
  • Quarterly Campaign
  • Yearly Partnership (includes bonus items)

Below are a few ways we can partner and work together. You can choose one channel or a combination of items to increase ROI. Now booking through 2023.

Email us to learn more: [email protected].

Social Media Campaigns πŸ“£

While we will promote across all our social channels, our LinkedIn page is growing the fastest, averaging 100+ new organic followers daily. Those who follow our LinkedIn page are representing Fortune 500 and ventured back startups. But many are also job seekers, recruiters, digital nomads, and career-focused individuals from all over the world.

April 2022-April 2023 follower growth.

Social campaigns with Remote Work Junkie can include:

  • Partnership announcements
  • Webinars or event promotion
  • Product or service launches
  • Other branded content

We’ll get creative and use storytelling to drive awareness, engagement, and clicks via social.

Newsletter πŸ“§

Want to sponsor our newsletter? Get your company logo added to the header email banner and own the middle content section of four newsletter sends. We send out a newsletter every Tuesday morning, so you’ll own the entire month. If you opt for quarterly or a yearly partnership, you’ll have a spot in every send during that time.

Newsletter sponsorship example, middle section.

Native Ad Placement πŸ†

Get custom native ad placements added to the Top 100 Companies page, Remote Experts page, a top menu link on our job board, added to the matching “Essentials” page, and a blurb added to all articles on the website.

Native ad placement for sponsors.

Be visible across all blog posts with a link to your website, product page, etc.

Branded Content ✍️

1,000+ word article written by us and promoted. This isn’t your typical short product-sponsored post. Instead, it’s an educational piece of content with your product or service woven in naturally.

We’ll work with you on the topic, pin the post to the homepage for 30 days, share to RWJ social channels, and add it to our weekly newsletter for the whole month. The article lives on Remote Work Junkie indefinitely.

Pinned sponsored content example.

Interested? Any questions? Email [email protected].

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