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Interested in partnering with Remote Work Junkie? You are in the right place! Learn how you can get your brand, product, or services seen by thousands of people every month.

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Audience and Reach:

  • Website: Launched March 2022. 18k+ page views per month, 500+ job seeker accounts created, and over 1550+ email subscribers.
  • Social Reach: 14k+ and growing (brand and founder socials).
  • Audience: Job seekers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and career-orientated people. Ages 25-44+ from all over the world, but primarily located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  
  • Past sponsors: Remofirst, Total Success, Candor, and more. 

Sponsorship Options

Below are a few advertising options for how we can work together. All payments are processed securely through Stripe and we donate 1% of payments to removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Now booking through 2023.

Looking for longer-term partnerships (quarterly or yearly) for maximum brand exposure? Need marketing, content, and social media help? Make sure to email us to learn more about what is included. Email [email protected].

Newsletter πŸ“§

Get your company logo added to the header email banner and own the middle content section of four newsletter sends. We send out a newsletter every Tuesday morning, so you’ll own the entire month. 1,550+ engaged subscribers and growing.

Reserve Your Sponsorship Here ($180)

Newsletter sponsorship example, middle section.

Native Ad Placement πŸ†

Native ad placements are added to the Top 100 Companies page, Remote Experts page, a top menu link on our job board, added to the matching “Essentials” page, and a social post about your brand pinned on our LinkedIn and Twitter company pages for 30 Days.

Reserve Your Sponsorship Here ($475)

Native ad placement for sponsors.

Branded Content ✍️

1,000+ word article written by us and promoted. This isn’t your typical short product-sponsored post. Instead, it’s an educational piece of content with your product or service woven in naturally. We’ll work with you on the topic, pin the post to the homepage for 30 days, share to RWJ social channels, and add it to four newsletter sends.

Reserve Your Sponsorship Here ($775)

Pinned sponsored content example.

Brand Partnership (POPULAR) πŸ™Œ

A 30-day campaign that includes all the above in one package to get maximum visibility across our community. Additionally, brand partners get their name at the top of all blog posts for 30 days, and options like lifetime discounts on all future remote job listings, content syndication, lifetime placement on the relevant essential page, and more.

Reserve Your Sponsorship Here ($1,675)

Any questions? Email [email protected]

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