15 Best Slack Communities For Remote Workers to Join

Slack Communities for Remote Work.
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Slack became a popular tool used by in-office and remote companies to better connect, collaborate, and communicate with employees. 

And from that, others discovered the power of Slack for networking and sharing advice in their own communities.

Now there are thousands of various Slack communities based on various topics that like-minded people can join and share ideas with. 

Communities are huge in the digital world today and I credit Slack for playing a pivotal role in this. Today, I highly recommend joining a Slack community to better learn and grow professionally. 

Currently, I’m in four Slack communities and I’ve learned so much from other individuals. Plus, I get to share my thoughts and ask questions that help me in my career endeavors. 

15 Slack Communities for Remote Workers

There are tons of Slack communities for your various interests, but I wanted to focus on those specific to remote work. 

Whether you are a full-time remote employee, freelancer, entrepreneur, or roaming digital nomad – you’ll find any of these Slack communities for remote work interesting. 

Most of these communities cover topics around remote jobs, remote work tips, home offices, productivity, and more. 

1. We Work Remotely  – I’m a big fan of We Work Remotely and they also have an awesome Slack community that you can join. It’s approaching 10k people!

2. Remote Women –  The Remote Women community is all about supporting remote jobs for women as well as highlighting companies that are female-friendly. They also have a private Slack community of 25k+ remote women supporting each other.

3. Remote Work – This free remote work community offers discussions around remote jobs and other interesting topics. 

4. Remotely One – This remote Slack community is for those looking to connect with other remote enthusiasts looking to learn and share ideas. 

5. Nomads Talk – Are you a digital nomad or want to learn more about traveling and working remotely? This Slack community is perfect for you. 

6. Remotive – One of my other favorite remote sites is Remotive, which primarily focuses on their job board. However, they also have a growing Slack group. This one you will have a one-time fee to join, but it definitely is worth it. 

7. Work From – Over 3,500 people are in the Work From community, all about working from home. There is a yearly membership fee, but also not overly expensive and totally is worth it based on the value you’d get. 

8. Remote Workers – Are you a remote worker? This is a place for you to hang out, chat about remote work and tools, or just about life in general. 

9. Remote Together – Another free community of people who work remotely to discuss productivity, apps, remote jobs, and more. 

10. Switch – One of the ways to be successful with working remotely is better improve your productivity and work processes. That’s what the Switch community is all about! 

11. Hack Productivity – Being efficient and maximizing productivity are specific areas many working remotely care about. And there is another Slack community completely dedicated to productivity hacks and more. 

12. BitWage – BitWage is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payroll provider, which remote workers often use. They also create a Slack community of over 2,200 people. 

13. Introverts – Although remote work is for any personality type, introverts tend to really thrive working from home. There is a Slack community just for introverts, which also includes plenty around being a remote worker. 

14. Landing Jobs – This Slack community has more than just remote jobs, it includes all sorts of career tips and technologies. However, remote work is included and often a discussion topic, so it’s worth including in this list.

15. CreativeTribes – While not solely dedicated to just remote work, the CreativeTribes Slack group is all about tribe-building strategies and resources for startup entrepreneurs, marketers, remote workers, and other creatives.

Final Thoughts

Remember, these are specific Slack communities dedicated particularly to anything related to remote work.

Are there any other communities out there I missed? Do you have a Slack community worth adding? Get in touch and we’ll add it in! 

And if you are looking for more, check out the best subreddits about remote work too.

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