Job Seeker FAQ

Are you a job seeker looking for your next remote opportunity? Wondering how you can be a better remote employee? Below are some common questions you might have about Remote Work Junkie and how to get the most value out of the community.

What is Remote Work Junkie?

Remote Work Junkie is your hub for all things remote work. 

We share insights about the basics of remote work, tips for getting hired, strategies for managing and building remote teams, applying for and listing remote jobs, and so much more. Our site and community are quickly growing to become one of the best destinations for remote work. 

What job seekers can expect: New content is posted every week, fresh remote jobs are posted daily, and a weekly newsletter about all the best happenings in remote work. 

Creating A Free Job Seeker Account

Why should I create an account?

Finding remote jobs is the easy part, but standing out and being ahead of others can be challenging. Creating a free job seeker account on Remote Work Junkie allows you to submit your resume directly to opportunities on the job board. It also allows you to be discovered by employers who are hiring.

Do I need an account to use RWJ?

No, you do not! You can browse all RWJ pages and jobs without creating an account or logging in. You can also sign up for our newsletter or job alerts tailored to you instead. 

What info do I need to provide on a job seeker account?

When you sign up, it’s up to you how much information you want to add. Many of the fields are optional, other than required fields such as name, email, and password. You can also delete your account or request an account be removed at any time. 

Where can I sign up for a job seeker account?

You can create your free account here.

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Applying to Remote Jobs

How can I find a remote job?

Head over to the RWJ Job Board and start filtering for your category. You can also set up your free job seeker account.

How can I start applying for remote jobs?

Use our search filters or head to our job categories to start finding jobs tailored to you. Then you can click on the listing to learn more, save it for later, or click β€œApply for this Position.” From there you will either be taken to an application link, a form, or asked to send your resume to the job lister’s email.  

I live outside of the United States. Can I apply to any job listings?

Yes! On the remote job listings, you will see info about what countries you might need to be based in. Additionally, the job description might also include more information or specific time zones. 

How do I tell if a job posting is a scam?

Does a remote job sound too good to be true? Typically, it is probably a scam. Some signs to watch for include unprofessional listings, difficult to find company information online, the company website looks fake, high pay with little work involved, the job is urgent, etc. You can read more about avoiding work from home scams here.Β 

I need to report a job posting or company for potential fraud. What should I do?

While we vet the remote jobs that are listed, it’s possible that one could slip through our review. If you see this, please report immediately to [email protected] with a link to the post. 

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Job Seeker Resources 

How can you best utilize the Remote Work Junkie community? Here are the main resources and content to continually check out: 

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