Todd Kunsman

Todd is the founder of Remote Work Junkie and has been featured in numerous publications like Business Insider, HuffPost, CNBC, and more. He’s been a remote work advocate for close to a decade and has been working remotely full-time for 5+ years. He’s also a marketing, personal finance, and music nerd πŸ€“
Best Remote Work Books.
By Todd Kunsman • March 16, 2022

22 Best Remote Work Books To Read This Year

Although remote work has been growing in popularity in the last few years, more and more people have also become

Hybrid work examples.
By Todd Kunsman • March 14, 2022

15 Well-Known Companies Offering Hybrid Work This Year

For most organizations, going fully remote just isn’t an option or it’s a policy they would prefer to ease into

Remote Work Policy Checklist.
By Todd Kunsman • March 12, 2022

Remote Work Policy Checklist [What to Include + Template]

With there being a continued interest in working from home, more companies are offering fully remote jobs or increasing flexible

How Do You Ensure Employees Are Actually Working From Home?
By Todd Kunsman • March 12, 2022

How Do You Ensure Employees Are Actually Working From Home?

As a manager for remote workers, you’ll naturally want to ensure they are actually working from home.  After all, remote

Pros and Cons of Remote Work.
By Todd Kunsman • March 11, 2022

What Are the Pros and Cons of Working Remotely?

As you are well aware, remote work has taken over the professional world and more companies are embracing the option

By Todd Kunsman • March 09, 2022

25 Best Working From Home Memes That Are Relatable

While working from home and remote work aren’t new, for a lot of people in 2020 it was a big

Check-In With Remote Employees.
By Todd Kunsman • March 08, 2022

How to Better Check In With Your Remote Employees

Whether you are new to managing a remote team or have experience currently, you might be looking for better ways

Remote Leaderships Skills.
By Todd Kunsman • March 08, 2022

9 Remote Leadership Skills to Better Manage Your Team

Leadership is already a tough role, whether you are leading a specific team or you are on the executive level

Working fully remote.
By Todd Kunsman • March 07, 2022

What is a Fully Remote Company? (And 15 Best Examples)

Fully remote companies have been thriving for years, but previous to the pandemic that started in 2020,Β  not many organizations

Remote Job Offer.
By Todd Kunsman • March 06, 2022

7 Questions to Ask Before Accepting A Remote Job Offer

I remember when I was first looking for remote jobs back in 2014 and it was quite tough to get

Is Remote Work the Same as Work From Home?
By Todd Kunsman • March 05, 2022

Is Remote Work the Same as Work From Home?

Work is increasingly changing thanks to digital advancements and new technologies. It’s one reason why you hear more people (and

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