10 Best Coworking Websites to Find or List Spaces

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Whether you want to find a hot desk or rent out your coworking office, coworking websites are here to help. These unique coworking platforms allow you to search for shared office space and coworking spaces, and you can also use them to lease your own space out. 

Plus, companies that have moved to a remote or even hybrid workplace may be interested in posting office space for lease too. 

Not sure where to start? Let’s dive in! 

10 Best Coworking Websites 

Here are the 10 best coworking websites to find or list coworking spaces that are right for you. Each offers a similar experience for those looking for space and those wanting to list, but each may have unique options that better suit your needs.

1. Coworker

With coworking spaces listed all over the world, Coworker promises that it has “the world’s largest network of spaces.” They also boast concierge service to help entire teams find the right coworking solutions for them. 

Coworker website.

2. HeyDesk

HeyDesk offers an instant booking ability, and you can view recent listings and prices right on the site’s homepage. Wherever you’re working in the world, you’ll even have access to local amenities via HeyDesk. 

HeyDesk website.

3. Croissant

Not ready to commit to a single workspace? Croissant sells passes that let you drop in around various coworking spaces in your area. Try some out and see what feels like the most productive space for your needs.  

Croissant coworking website.

4. Deskpass

Deskpass is a great solution for teams seeking a turnkey solution for a hybrid workspace. Here you can search and list not just private desks but meeting spaces for large groups. Deskpass also offers day passes for desks in larger group settings. 

Deskpass coworking website.

5. CoworkBooking

Unsure where to start in your search for coworking space? CoworkBooking’s team describes themselves as “digital punk travelers” who can help you filter by particular interests (like proximity to the beach). There’s even a list of the most “bizarre” coworking spaces you can book. 

CoworkBooking website.

6. Desks Near Me

Desks Near Me keeps things simple with a clean homepage that resembles a search engine. Rent or list your coworking space here with ease. 

Desks Near Me website.

7. HubbleHQ

If you need a long-term solution for your team, HubbleHQ may be the coworking website for you. HubbleHQ specializes in teams, and you can use it to find coworking space for three years or more. 

Hubble coworking website.

8. LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace boasts a focus on coworking not just as a convenience but as a sustainability framework. After all, LiquidSpace says, coworking offers a “corporate footprint free of the burden of underutilized space.” Look here for enterprise solutions, including data insights for better planning. 

LiquidSpace website.

9. Copass

It’s free to list a space here, and one pass gets workers seeking space access to each site around the globe. Additionally, Copass promises plenty of flexibility: You can cancel your membership easily (or just put it on hold) if need be. 

Copass website.

10. Breather

Say goodbye to the open-office plans of many coworking spaces and find, well, some space to breathe a sigh of relief. Breather specializes in coworking spaces that won’t leave you feeling distracted and cramped, but you’ll still get the benefits of other coworking websites (like global offerings, for one). 

Breather coworking website.

Choosing the Right Coworking Website

Given how many coworking websites exist for a variety of needs, you might feel lost as to which one will work best for you. 

When you need to get out of your home office and find somewhere new to work, the key to selecting a coworking website is to consider your own priorities. Here’s how to think about it. 

  1. First, determine your budget. If you want a coworking space with baristas and nap pods but have just $50 a month to spend, you may need to reassess your search. On the other hand, your employer might offer a work-from-home stipend or reimbursement plan that covers your expenses, so it’s worth asking about that as well. 
  2. Think about whether you’d like to stay local or travel more as a digital nomad. Some coworking websites allow users to try anywhere around the world, while others may focus on workers looking to rent space long-term. 
  3. Don’t forget to do your research! Dig into each coworking website, check out reviews, and study their business models to ensure you find the right site for your needs. 

Listing a Coworking Office

You’re renting your own space for a fee, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right coworking websites. Here’s how to narrow down your options. 

  1. Depending on which website you use, you may have to pay to list your space or find you can post it for free—with stipulations. Decide whether you’d be able to list your space for free or whether you’d rather pay to post it and potentially access other services. 
  2. Find a website that’s truly the right match for your space. Does the website offer listings in your country? Does it focus on hot desks or larger, communal spaces for teams? 
  3. Consider whether you need additional help to find people to occupy your space. Some coworking websites offer more customized solutions to help owners rent out their space, but if you’re just posting a desk or some other small area, extra services are probably unnecessary.  

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Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re new to coworking or are an experienced remote worker seeking new shared office space, finding the right coworking websites can be key to your next experience. 

Luckily, remote and hybrid roles have grown so much in popularity that you should have no trouble finding a website that works for your or your team’s needs. 

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