35 Ways to Say “We Appreciate You” at Work

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Companies, managers, and even individual contributors sometimes have a tough time figuring out how to say “We appreciate you” or “I appreciate you” in the workplace. 

There are so many ways to potentially say it, and how you say it could depend on the situation and type of work environment (hybrid, remote, in-person). 

So to quickly help you out, I put together a collection of ways to say “We appreciate you” at work. These variations will all convey appreciation to those recipients. And remember, even a simple “thank you” can go a long way in boosting morale.

35 Ways to Say “We Appreciate You” at Work

Below you’ll find a collection of phrases to show appreciation for your team or a co-worker’s contribution. You’ll find various words and phrases that will make someone feel valued.

And whether they helped you specifically with a project or have a strong work ethic, you should recognize others and celebrate achievements often. 

Below you’ll find a collection of phrases to show appreciation for your team or a co-worker’s contribution. You’ll find various words and phrases that will make someone feel valued.

And whether they helped you specifically with a project or have a strong work ethic, you should recognize others and celebrate achievements often. 

  1. Excellent job.
  2. Well done! 
  3. Your hard work is not going unnoticed. 
  4. We are so grateful for your hard work. 
  5. Thank you for your dedication.
  6. We are so proud of what this team has accomplished.
  7. Great job on that project! 
  8. Your quality of work is amazing. Thanks for all you do!
  9. We are fortunate to have a team like this. 
  10. We want to recognize you all for the amazing work.
  11. We appreciate all your contributions to this company. 
  12. Our team can always count on you and it doesn’t go unnoticed. 
  13. Thanks for everything you do! We really appreciate the efforts.
  14. We could not have done it without you.
  15. You’ve made a huge positive impact on the growth of our company.
  16. This team is an amazing asset to the company. 
  17. I appreciate the attention to detail and overtime you put into this project. 
  18. We wanted to recognize you for the extra work you put into X tasks. 
  19. Thanks for always willing to help and support the team. 
  20. You’re a valued teammate and your efforts keep everyone motivated.
  21. This project wouldn’t have reached its milestones without you. 
  22. Thank you for your positive energy, even in difficult situations. 
  23. We have no idea how you balance everything, but your work is highly appreciated. 
  24. Thanks for constantly thinking of innovative ways for our team to grow. 
  25. We could not imagine you not being on our team. We are grateful for your contributions everyday. 
  26. We appreciate the leaderships and mentorship you’ve provide new members of the team,
  27. I appreciate your willingness to speak up and share ideas, feedback, or concerns. 
  28. You’re an asset to the team and everyday I’m thankful I get to work alongside you. 
  29. Amazing attention to detail on that last project. Without you, we would have missed our deadline. 
  30. Thanks for always going above and beyond on everything you do!
  31. We appreciate you stepping in and helping on tasks outside of your specific duties. 
  32. The quality of work from this team never ceases to amaze me. 
  33. Your work ethic and positive attitude is admired by everyone on the team. 
  34. We appreciate the on-going support you provide the team and our customers. 
  35. Thanks for applying our company values everyday and setting a great example for others. 

Use these variations and tweak them as needed to then say or share with your team, specific manager, or co-worker.

Add more context to your gestures of appreciation

Don’t be afraid to go more in depth with how you say that you appreciate others. If you only use a few word phrases, it might not sound genuine. 

Whether you are saying this in-person, remotely, or via async communication like Slack – provide some further context. 

For example, let’s say you wanted to show appreciation for your specific team. 

“Our leadership team wanted to highlight the entire team and say thanks so much for the good work everyone does. You helped us meet important deadlines that would not have been possible without your dedication and commitment to the work at hand. Thank you all so much!”

And go a step further with your appreciation. Give raises, bonuses, gifts or gift cards, extra days off, handwritten personal notes – anything that shows you are invested in employees. 

How to Best Say “We Appreciate You” Remotely? 

Sometimes in a virtual environment, it’s more challenging to come across genuine when you want to show appreciation for employees or co-workers. 

Plus, you might even forget to show appreciation when you don’t have that same “in-person” bond. Meaning, you are focused very focused on deep work that you forget about spending time highlighting your team. 

But this is where you want to over communicate, to ensure your team still feels valued for their work and skills. In order to keep a positive work culture and ensure remote employees feel appreciated, you can use the same phrases from above. 

However, ensure you focus on various remote channels to ensure colleagues feel supported. 

  • Slack message the person or people directly. But also highlight them on a channel where the whole company can see.
  • Virtual team meetings. When you are on that Zoom call with your team, have dedicated time to shoutout some folks doing great work and why you appreciate them. 
  • Company virtual meetings. Work with leadership to have a dedicated time to recognize and show appreciation for employees. 

In monthly all-team meetings I’ve been a part of, there was always some dedicated time to recognize and show appreciation for teammates on their work at the end. 

It feels good to nominate someone and make their day. And it was a simple gesture to rally the rest of the team behind that person or team. So I highly recommend all virtual companies dedicate time to this in some meaningful way. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you individually are looking to show appreciation to an employee or as a leadership team want to recognize people – it’s a critical part to creating a strong work culture. 

These above “We appreciate you” phrases and variations can have a positive impact on overall productivity and increase employee happiness and engagement. 

Even if you do the bare minimum to quickly message someone with appreciation, it can go far in helping an employee feel good about their contribution. 

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