What Interests You About This Position? (Answer Examples)

What interests you about this position interview question.
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“What interests you about this position?” 

This is one common question you’ll most likely have come up during your interview process.

In your response, you should tie it to your career goals and show why the company is intriguing to you. Essentially, hiring managers want to know your motivation for applying and that you took the time to get to learn about them. 

Below I’ll share further why employers ask this interview question, some example answers, and what to avoid in your response. 

Why Employers Ask “What Interests You About This Position?”

Honestly, this question will come up in almost ALL job interviews.

Whether that is the first screening meeting or later on during the process. I don’t remember a time where this or some variation of the question wasn’t asked during interviews I’ve been on.

Although it seems like a boring and generic question, it does provide the interviewer with clues about you. So it’s important you know how to exactly answer it and leave a positive impression. 

But why do recruiters or hiring managers ask “What interests you about this position?” Here’s a few main reasons:

  • Helps the hiring manager learn a bit more about you. Every question builds a foundation to who you are and this is one of them. 
  • This interview question also helps them get a sense of how interested you are in the job. Basically, looking for that enthusiasm and passion in your voice. 
  • That you actually understand the role and what is expected of you if a job offer would come your way. 
  • And pending your response, it can help the interviewer tie your values to that of the company. It can be a good indicator of how you might fit in. 

So, how can you answer this question effectively? Let’s get into some answer examples in the next section. 


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Example Answers to “What Interests You About This Position?”

Crafting your answer should be based on your interests, but also that you can show you are fit at the company. When you apply, take notes on some of these key areas:

  • What the company mission and values are
  • The skills you have that align to this role the most
  • How you can grow in this role and the company

Now with those areas in mind, here are some example answers.

Example Answer 1

In the first answer example, I’ll share how you can tie in your personal reasons for applying to this specific job. Look at how you include your experiences, cultural fit, and impact on both the company and your career. 

“As I read the job description, I quickly felt a sense of connection to not only the role, but the company. I’m looking to work for a team that moves fast, but willing to collaborate no matter what level in the company they are currently. 

And reading through the values and culture truly shows that from the top down, everyone is contributing and sharing ideas. This is the type of environment I thrive in, but also see as a way to develop my skills and improve in A, B, C areas.”

Example Answer 2:

Another way you can answer this specific interview question is to focus it more on the company. Meaning, you highlight the core areas of the role and culture, then relate it back to your interest to work there. 

“One reason I got excited to apply for this role was because of the company and the leaders. I’ve been following along the journey of the business and I really resonate with what the executive team values in how to grow the organization. For example, A, B,C are aligned to my values in working for a company. 

Additionally, “Y Company” continues to grow and be a market leader in “X category”, which is a huge accomplishment. I’d like to bring my skills and experiences to the company to be a part of that continued growth, but also further my career by learning from an innovative brand.”

Example Answer 3: 

The last example answer I’ll provide here, is simply tying your answer back to what the role is all about. It can be a bit more simple of a response, but still fairly impactful and shows you read the full job description.

“Not only was this particular job in my field of interest, but the needs of the role matched the majority of my past experiences in X. I’ve been passionate about X for nearly Z years now, and absolutely love getting to do these things throughout the work week. However, beyond bringing my skills to this role, it was clear that this role will also allow me to grow and develop as an employee at Y company.” 

Sometimes a bit simpler answer is the better option. Just make sure you can go in-depth further if the hiring manager has follow-up questions to your response.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide was simple but helpful in how you’d approach the “What Interests you about this position” interview question. 

As long as you do your homework on the company and follow our tips, you’ll answer this question with ease. And you should impress the hiring manager too! 

But do keep in mind, there will be other job interview questions you’ll need to crush as well. Below are more questions you might be asked, with example responses to help you practice:

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