What Do You Like To Do For Fun? (Answer Examples)

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“What do you like to do for fun?” 

Beyond asking you professional questions in your job interview, hiring managers and recruiters want to get to know your interests and personality too. 

So do not be surprised if a light question is asked about what you enjoy outside of work. 

However, are you prepared to answer this one? 

Below you’ll learn why interviewers ask “What do you like to do for fun?, a few answer examples, and what to avoid in your response. Let’s jump right in!

Why Interviewers Ask “What Do You Like to Do For Fun?”

Questions about your interests or life outside of work are pretty common these days in job interviews. Of course, hiring managers need to find a careful balance at what they ask you about your personal life. 

But expect a question or two that goes beyond your career experiences from your resume. 

And one popular and easy question a recruiter or hiring manager will probably ask is “What do you like to do for fun?” Or some variation of this. 

So why would this question be asked within your job interview? Here are a few reasons and what the interviewer might be looking for based on your response: 

  • They want to simply break the ice to help you feel more comfortable.
  • They want to see what you’re passionate about and interested in beyond work. 
  • To determine if you might be a good fit to the company culture and team personalities.
  • Your answer can hint more about your ambition, professionalism, and aspirations. 
  • Understanding more about your work/life balance, hobbies, and overall interests.

Pretty simple, right? 

Although you might think you can answer this question no problem, you should still prepare ahead of your interview. 

You never know how nervous you might be during an interview or begin to babble because you aren’t thinking clearly on the fly. 

Let’s get into a few tips to help you answer the question successfully and some examples to help you formulate your response. 

Tips to Successful Answer “What do you like to do for fun?” 

Before getting to the answer examples, here are some tips to help you formulate a clear and interesting response. 

  • Write down all your hobbies and things that interest you the most. You might have a long list of activities, but pick the more intriguing ones. These should be obvious to you, not be work related, but can still hint at why you are the perfect fit for the gig. 
  • If you have a long list, simplify it down to one or two main things you can share. If you pick more than one, make sure to diversify what those things are that you want to share.
  • Show your passion around the things you like to do for fun. Don’t choose things from your list that are simple where you can’t expand on. Hiring managers want to see your excitement and hear your enthusiasm for your answers.
  • Find an angle to tie it into the job. While your response doesn’t need to be work related, you should find a way to showcase how it helps you do the job better that you applied for.

Example Answers to “What Do You Like to Do for Fun?”

There are many ways to answer “What do you like to do for fun?” in an interview question. You can use the examples below to help you share your interests with your personal twist.

Example Answer 1:

If you have a favorite sport or play in a league, this could be a great option in your answer. 

And you can hint or directly tie it back to something related to the job listing. Here’s an example answer:

“One of my favorite things to do outside of work is playing indoor soccer in an amateur league. I’ve been playing the sport since I was a kid and it has been a passion of mine ever since. It’s also been a great way to exercise and disconnect for a bit. Plus, you have to work together as a team in order to better your chances of scoring a goal and to defend against the other team. I've found it as helped me work better with others and find ways to succeed together.” 

Example Answer 2:

If you have a personal project (like a blog, as an example) you can showcase something you built, write about, and how it improves your own skills professionally. 

“During my time outside of work, I write on my own blog around [X topic]. It allows me to create content about [topic] and improve my writing and communication skills. Not only has it been a good way for me to unwind, but this blog has helped me professionally too. Since this job is remote, I know I’ll be able to communicate clearly via async messaging and emails.” 

Example Answer 3:

A common response to “What do you like to do for fun?” is often related to travel. That’s totally okay! If you are an avid adventurer or digital nomad, this can also be a good way to respond to the question.

“One of the things I do for fun is to travel often. I’ve visited 30+ states and 10 different countries over the last few years. I just really enjoy getting out of my comfort zone, but also learning about new cultures and areas with diverse backgrounds. It really has helped me be more open to change, new ideas, and find ways to connect with new people in unfamiliar territories.” 

One thing you might have noticed about these answer examples is that they are relatively short. Not all of your interview responses need to be elaborate or in-depth. But it should give the interviewer enough insight and useful information.

And don’t forget, be prepared to elaborate more about your answer. You may be asked some additional follow-up questions!

What Should You Avoid Saying in Your Answer?

Beyond the tips and answer examples to this interview question I provided, what should you avoid within your response? 

Your best bet is to stay away from responding with anything in these general categories: 

  • Any interests related to tobacco, cannabis, or alcohol. Even if those are things that interest you, now is not the time to share. 
  • Avoid anything political. While you might have strong beliefs and opinions (which is your right to have!), that can hinder how an interviewer thinks about your candidacy for this open job role. 
  • Any illegal activities. This should be obvious, but I still need to mention it. 
  • Try to avoid anything too vague where you can’t add much context. It might show a lack of interest or that you don’t have any outside interests.
  • Anything religious, spiritual, or very specific beliefs. Again it’s your right to believe and practice the religion you choose, but something to avoid in your answer. 

You won’t know how the interviewer will judge you around more sensitive topics. They may also have preconceived opinions as well that could reflect negatively on your chance of getting the job. 

So when in doubt about a hobby or interest, leave it out of your response. 

Final Thoughts

If the interviewer asks what you like to do for fun or some variation, ensure you are prepared ahead. The tips and example answers above can help you leave a great impression on the interviewer. 

Think about how you might want to respond to this question and practice before your interview. Your goal is to ensure your passion shows through in your response and that the interviewer wants to continue moving you forward.

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