Todd Kunsman

Todd is the founder of Remote Work Junkie and has been featured in numerous publications like Business Insider, HuffPost, CNBC, and more. He’s been a remote work advocate for close to a decade and has been working remotely full-time for 5+ years. He’s also a marketing, personal finance, and music nerd πŸ€“
Leaving work early.
By Todd Kunsman • September 24, 2023

22 Good Excuses to Leave Work Early (And How to Ask)

At some point in your career, you may need to leave work early. This could be for personal reasons, family emergencies,

Someone being annoying at work.
By Todd Kunsman • September 13, 2023

Am I Annoying at Work? 21 Common Bad Habits And How to Improve

With the amount of time we spend with coworkers and managers, it’s inevitable that we may develop some bad workplace

Working from home.
By Todd Kunsman • September 07, 2023

What are the Best Days To Work From Home in a Hybrid Schedule?

As the remote work revolution has slowed down a bit, more companies have been exploring hybrid working. In this work

co-worker feeling appreciated at work.
By Todd Kunsman • August 20, 2023

35 Ways to Say β€œWe Appreciate You” at Work

Companies, managers, and even individual contributors sometimes have a tough time figuring out how to say β€œWe appreciate you” or

grumpy staying.
By Todd Kunsman • July 24, 2023

Grumpy Staying: What Is It, Signs, How To Address ItΒ 

The amount of terms out there to describe how someone works continues to grow!  You've probably already heard of quiet

Lazy working from home.
By Todd Kunsman • June 25, 2023

Does Working From Home Make You Lazy?

As much as I personally love working from home, there are still some challenges that creep up.  And one of

Remote employee laid off.
By Todd Kunsman • June 14, 2023

Are Remote Employees More Likely to Get Laid Off?

Out of sight, out of mind. A common phrase you are probably familiar with.  But is this also impacting remote

Remote employee.
By Todd Kunsman • June 07, 2023

Are Remote Employees Less Likely to be Promoted?

While remote work is here to stay, there can be some downfalls of this form of work. One of which

Employees back in the office.
By Todd Kunsman • May 08, 2023

Why Are Some Companies Going Back To The Office?

If you’ve read the news or have seen any recent headlines, you may see a trending article about a company

What Does Integrity Mean to You?
By Todd Kunsman • April 25, 2023

What Does Integrity Mean to You? (Answer Examples)

β€œWhat Does Integrity Mean to You?”  This is a broader interview question a hiring manager might ask you. But it’s

Boss and employee chatting.
By Todd Kunsman • April 22, 2023

11 Things Your Boss Should Never Say to You (And How to Respond)

A common scenario that employees can face in the workplace is unnecessary or rude comments from their boss. And yes,

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