Can Working Naked Benefit Your Productivity and Life?

Working at home in the nude.
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You may have read this title and then did a double-take.

Maybe you are clicking this expecting to find some not safe for work (NSFW) content. But you are on the wrong page for that, sorry to disappoint you!   

However, working from home or remotely in a private setting can be the time to consider working naked. Seriously, there have been proven health benefits of being nude, like when sleeping or even working out naked, for example. 

And there is even a National Working Naked Day for those remote workers (although has more meaning beyond being in your birthday suit). 

But is working naked worth it or something to try? Here are a few potential benefits.

It Can Start To Build Your Self-Esteem

No matter your body type, shape, or age – everyone has something they probably critique about their body. But the more you get used to being naked and seeing yourself, the more comfortable you get. 

There have been different studies around this, but generally, it has shown that people who spent more time nude had higher self-esteem. And with that comes more confidence, energy, and positivity. 

Those newfound traits will trickle into your everyday life, but also your professional endeavors too.

You may feel more productive, and creative, and bring a more positive attitude to your work. Sometimes you need some extra motivation when working from home

Can Add Some Excitement To Your Workday

As much as I love working from home, sometimes it’s easy to get a bit bored or unmotivated. It’s a common challenge sometimes as a remote worker, even if you love the work you do. 

So what better way to spice up the day than with some nudity!? No judgment here, but it might give you a boost of sensations and thrills that boost your mood and work productivity.  

For example, it may be a mood boost just knowing your co-workers have no idea that you are working without clothes on. 

Or maybe it’s the different sensations from your home on your skin. You may start to notice different temperatures, maybe how the sun feels through a window, how the texture of your home office chair or couch is against your skin, etc. 

Basically, your internal sensors are getting more active and may trigger more excitement throughout your workday.  

Can Help You Get In Better Shape

While body positivity is important, being naked when working at home may even help you get healthier. It can help trigger you to work out a bit more or even eat a more balanced diet. 

Of course, this is not the intended reason for working nude, but can be the extra push you need to get more fit.

Although we know there are many health benefits to sleeping naked, can this also correlate to being in the buff throughout the day while working? Hard to say and I didn’t find much science behind that. 

However, what is known is that removing your clothes improves blood circulation, which is good for your heart and muscles.

And getting that breathability, more airflow to your skin, and even natural sunlight in your home can stimulate your overall body health. 

You Learn To Respect Your Body

As I mentioned, we all have self-doubts about the way we look. And many times it’s easy to compare yourself to others or think you need to be a certain β€œlook” or weight. 

Yet one thing working in the nude can do for you over time, is teach you respect for your body. Especially, if you plan to work naked at home on a more consistent basis. 

Beyond being more comfortable being naked, you adapt to what you see in the mirror. And not only that, you learn to accept your uniqueness as a person. 

It may take time for you to feel that way, but this really can have a profound and positive influence on your life and productivity at work. 


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If you do plan to work in the nude at home or remotely from a different location, you may want to ensure a few things. 

For instance, ensure your computer camera is off, and you do not have any virtual meetings that day. Or at least meetings where you do not need the video on.  

There have been a few recorded work from home gaffes where someone forgot they were on camera or unmuted. The last thing you want to do is give your boss or coworkers an awkward surprise. 

And if you are in a coworking space, clearly not the time to attempt working naked either. Not sure I actually need to type that, but hey, the world is full of interesting people.

So, are you going to try a day (or more) of working from home in the nude? πŸ™ƒ

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